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Virtual Reality and the Future Verdict

Virtual Reality

No longer to be poisoned by technology. A Canadian-led study has declared that the brand-new virtual reality games are as productive as uncluttered recreational activities like playing cards in order to recover patients from stroke and hand strength. Now, you are probably wondering what this virtual reality (VR) is! The answer lies in its term, it is all about virtual, which means nearly as described and the reality that is what we experience as human beings. There are many virtual reality applications focusing on growth and advancement of technology in that industry.

The technology has come a long way since the virtual reality was discovered. While gaming is the most common use of VR, there is the whole array of users for virtual reality like ranging from education, architecture, healthcare, entertainment, real estate, military, telecommunications and many more, some of these are really challenging than usual.

Where this VR technology is enabling to present complex data in an accessible way to students with more fun to learn, it also enables discovering the whole world sitting in your classroom and also allows training soldiers to deal with combat without throwing them into Jungle. VR lets the education to move on from book and pens. So, it makes a lot of sense to enforce VR in education in order to pursue the dream of the future’s technological elite.

On other hands, if gaming isn’t one of the basic application of VR then the other forms of entertainment certainly are. We can already enjoy 3D movies in the theatre, but with Oculus, GearVR or HTC Vive, we can even enjoy more deeply in the movies. And if you are a sports fan, LiveLike VR has already introduced in the market where there is a virtual stadium where you can have the thrill of game day experiences with your friends, right from the comfort of your room. Even the tourism industry has jumped onboard, the resent research says in coming 30 years, the way of tourism will be overthrown by VR as it offers an inexpensive and easy way to travel over the map.

After gaming, education, traveling, entertainment, here comes the healthcare sector which has been a bog adopter of VR. This technology can be used to help those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or in surgical training without causing any injury to the patients.

With all above explanation, we understand how virtual reality has achieved the true interactivity with the participants. VR makes the impossible possible by tricking our eyes, and brain, into thinking we’re someplace else. This technology aims to alter our lives in stumbling ways. Instead of watching the Jurassic world in theatre, you’ll look up at a dinosaur slobbering over you with VR. It is estimated that by 2020, VR will have generated around 30 billion dollars and the number of active VR users will strike to 171 million.

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