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By juegoadmin | Mobile Game Development | May 13th, 2021

Mobile 3D Games: Development and Mobile Gaming Experience

The gaming industry has grown exponentially in the past few years. Be it console gamers, PC gamers, or mobile gamers; the number has steadily increased. And it’s not because people are idle but because the quality of games the developers produce is amazing.

The mobile game developers focus more on 3d game development. This brings along an immersive visual experience for the gamers. And it’s one of the reasons why the gaming industry is on fire. If you want to learn how mobile 3D games have affected the development and gaming experience, read along.

The Response of the Mobile Gaming Market:

Three types of industries mainly constitute the global revenue in the gaming market. The devices are: –

● PC gaming
● Console gaming
● Mobile gaming

Mobile games generate 51% percent of the total revenue in the global gaming industry. Console games account for 25%, while PC games for 24%. It clearly shows how well accepted mobile games are.

The global revenue of the mobile gaming market in 2019 was 151.9 billion. And it was expected to rise to 165.9 billion in the year 2020. All in all, the mobile gaming market has always steadily risen and is expected to do the same.

How do Mobile 3D Games Affect Experience & Game Development?

Mobile 3D game development is what the game developers focus on. 3D games allow gamers to experience something more realistic and immersive. It’s the 3d game development that brings mobile games to life and entertains the player.

3d game development has not only helped the gamers but the developers too. How? Well, the 2D plane had some limitations. With a 2-dimensional plane, the developers were limited to a few gaming niches.

However, with Mobile 3d game development, it has opened new paths for the developers. Now, there are numerous new niches for developers to show their creativity. And this is definitely improving the mobile 3d gaming experience for gamers.

How Do 3D Games Make the Experience More Immersive and Real?

The 3D games are crafted more realistically. Anyone who plays 3D games can relate to the real world because of: –

  • Visual Factors

The 2D games are built on a flat plane. There’s not much detail. So, you won’t get much to explore. But with 3D games, you’ll find shadows, blood spills, and different movements. It improves the visual appeal and thus makes 3D games visually more attractive.

  • Movements & Controls

If you’ve played 2d games like Bastion, you would know the entire location is visible to you. You cannot see through the player’s eyes. Moving the character is quite easy, and so are the controls—however, it is not much entertaining.

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Mobile, you would know how complex yet entertaining the controls are. You have a fire button, one for jumping, moving forward, etc. Such controls and movements they correspond to, make 3D games different from 2D and add a realistic feel.

  • Animation & Sound

In a 2D plane, you only get to see height and width in an animation. But in a 3D animation, you get to experience height, width, and depth. To understand this even better, you can refer to 2D and 3D animations.

The 3D sound feels more real. If an event is happening in the game far from you, you’ll hear a low sound and vice versa. But this is not what you’ll experience in 2D sounds.

Core functions of a Game engine

Mobile Game developers make use of 3D game engines for developing immersive 3D games. These game engines have every functionality a developer may need. However, it also depends on what game engine you use.

Here are some core functions of a game engine like Unity3D: –

● 3D graphics rendering
● Detect Collisions
● Writing or editing scripts
● Scene Graph
● Localization
● Memory Management
● Streaming
● Animations
● Sound
● & more

What are Some Common Mobile Game Engines Game Developers Use?

A mobile game engine is a platform or software using which you can create games. With game engines, you get lots of features and functionalities which make the process easy. Here are some common mobile game engines: –

It deserves the top spot. Unity3D is a great engine for not only 2D but 3D game development too. It supports languages such as UnityScript and C#. It has numerous plugins and libraries with thousands of assets.

Unity3D is an open-source game engine. It means you can create a game for free with this. There’s a premium version with additional features, though. But the free one is great to give you what you need. Also, using Unity, you can create cross-platform games.

The Unreal engine supports both iOS and android platforms. So, it gives a tough competition to Unity 3D. With this engine, you can render high-end graphics meant for high-end iOS and Android devices. However, it has a huge fee, which keeps it limited to the development of high-end AAA titles.

  • Cocos 3D

Cocos3D is an extension of Cocos2D meant for developing cross-platform games. You can create games using Objective C and XCode. You’ll get supported plugins for Android platforms to aid the development process.

  • HTML5 & JavaScript

3d game development has become quite easy with HTML5 & JavaScript because of the WebGL JS library. This library helps in rendering interactive graphics with a high fps. You can use this for 3d game development for mobiles and web browsers.

Sencha, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5, Phone Gap are some other important libraries and tools available with this.

Final Thought

The mobile gaming market is on the boom, mainly because of its large user base. The user base is increasing year after year, and so is the demand for mobile games. This is just enough to predict the future of the mobile gaming industry.

Bonus: Who Can Help You Craft a 3D Mobile Game?

The potential of the mobile gaming industry in the future is quite clear. So, investing in a 3D mobile game is a great choice to make. And if you want someone to create a 3D mobile game for you, connect with Juego Studios.

Juego Studios is a game development company with offices in the UK, USA, India, and Kuwait. You can check the portfolio to understand what these guys are capable of. So, book an appointment with these guys and get yourself a 3D game worth remembering.

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