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Nintendo’s new ‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ Released on Android on February 2nd

After the launch of Nintendo Switch earlier this month and the initial blockbuster success of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run, Japanese gaming company has announced its second mobile game named Fire Emblem: Heroes (Fire Emblem series). This is the second attempt of Nintendo with an original mobile game and launched on Android on 2nd Feb, though the iOS release date has not been announced yet.

Doug Bowser, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Nintendo of America, states, “In recent years, the popularity of the Fire Emblem franchise has grown exponentially. The devoted fan base and series newcomers alike will soon have an abundance of new games to play on a variety of devices. There’s never been a better time to be a Fire Emblem fan or jump in for the first time.”

Boasting Fire Emblem’s classic anime art style, Fire Emblem: Heroes is billed as a tactical role-playing character game. Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second game of Fire Emblem series was released in Japan solely in 1992. But, for the first time, the game makes its way to launch internationally, and the players from worldwide can have the taste of this classic game on Nintendo 3DS.

The role-playing game includes very simple controls and defeating the enemy on the given map, and players can win the battle. Other features from previous Fire Emblem games make an appearance in Heroes, including the signature sword, axe, lance attribute, triangle weapon and system, which add another layer of strategy to combat. Unlike in the console and handheld versions, Heroes’ characters don’t disappear forever after their death.

Heroes allow players to put their armies against friends to see which is the better tactical mind. Nintendo announced the game would be available for free download with an option of in-app purchase. Additionally, Nintendo has also mentioned Fire Emblem Direct is also coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

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