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By Juegostudio | Game Development | November 26th, 2020

Old Board Games: Staging The Mother Of All Comebacks!

“Board Games”! These two words are enough to hit your nostalgic nerve. Those good old games like snakes and ladders and Ludo can’t be forgotten easily. During the lockdown, while everyone was at home, the craze for board games has only increased.  Many online game development companies took it as advantage to mix the flavor of old fashioned board game  in online gaming world.  Board games like Ludo has crossed 500 million downloads and proved still the board games are in the heart of many game lovers. Board games revenue expected to hit $12 billion by 2023.

Board games are making a comeback. Find out what helped resurrect the good old board games in the era of Augmented Reality (A.R.) and Virtual Reality (V.R.) gaming below:

What are board games, and why do people love them?

Any game which you can play on a board is referred to as a board game. Some examples may include Scrabble, chess, monopoly, etc.

Earlier, there were not many means of entertainment. You could play outdoor sports, chill under the tree which was limited to quite a few people. The board games were the only way of amusement, which brought families together and increased mutual interaction.

That is one of the reasons why people now go nostalgic whenever board games are talked about.

What led to the resurrection of good old board games?

Board games, a few months ago, were limited to a scarce group of people. People either played them out of curiosity or just to kill time. But the COVID 19 pandemic has significantly popularized the trend of board games.

Here are some basic reasons for factors that show how board games are coming back with a bang: –

COVID Pandemic:

Although the lockdowns have been relaxed in many countries, everyone still prefers to stay at home with family. It was a different experience at the beginning but became boring with each passing day.

People were simply craving to interact with others and get their social lives back. This was an important reason behind board games coming back to life. It’s because board games help us socialize with people while adhering to the social distancing norms. 

Social Media & Effective Marketing:

If all your favorite board games like scrabble, ludo, snakes and ladders, monopoly, etc. are available online it would be very convenient and double the fun.

With the rising interest of board game enthusiasts visible on social media, online multiplayer board games have become popular. Not only do people play board games online, but they also purchase them. And this has led to further popularization of board games.

The Nostalgia:

When there were no smartphones or computer devices board games were the most popular thing to kill boredom. Bonding and Coming together were the priority. Now, when it comes to playing board games, we can easily recall those good old days. That is the main reason why playing board games brings nostalgia.

Targets a Wide Audience:

Unlike other genres which present age-specific games, board games are suited for all. From a young kid to an old man in his sixties, board games always seem thrilling for everyone. The rules are easy to learn, which makes it favorable for all.

With a recent rise in board game app development, anyone with a smartphone can play these games while maintaining social distancing. It’s one of the reasons behind board games becoming popular.

Competition and Multi-Player:

Keeping in mind the rising potential, board game developers have added a competitive touch to these board games. And, everyone loves to compete in any game regardless of its genre.

Also, games like Ludo king come with multiplayer functionality. It means you can easily play with your friends while they are with you or away from you. It’s the reason why digital and generic board games are becoming increasingly popular.

Blending Technology with Board Games:

Other gaming types like Role Playing Games (R.P.G.) or arcade use the latest technologies. And this has set the bar for user experience quite high. However, the board game developers are always working on adding new functionalities and technologies like AR, VR.

Mental Capabilities:

Not only do multiplayer games entertain us, but they help in developing mental functioning. Once can improve the learning, reasoning, and reading capabilities playing these multiplayer board games.

Improves Patience:

Another important component one can learn is to develop patience. The present generation wants everything quick. And these multiplayer games make you wait for your turn, which helps you develop patience and follow the basic rules.

Kills boredom and manages stress:

You cannot survive without working. But it never means that you should not spare time for games or relax your mind. By playing these board games, you cannot manage stress but spend quality time with your family. And, it’s something you must not ignore.

So, playing board games, especially when the lockdown is still on, is a great way to forget the stress and fear. At the same time you can bond with your family and renew your social connections.

Scope For Improvement:

However, there’s still a need for the addition of new technologies to make the experience more immersive. And that is what our game developers at Juego Studios do all day. Juego Studios is a full-service app/game development company with world-class app developers.

Whether you need a PC game, iOS game, console game, V.R. or A.R. application, or a cross-platform game, Juego Studios is the place to be. Developers at our company believe in creating something that not only adds value but is loved by all.

We employ our experience, skills and innovative capabilities in every project. So, call now and communicate your details to build something valuable.

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