A lot of developers make the mistake of seeing the GDD as a nuisance. No matter you’re working alone or in a group, the very important thing to have on hand is documentation. Enter the
A games released in one platform were ported in the right way can experience success in other platforms. Since the gaming experience is similar in a lot of platforms for most types of games, audiences
As someone that lived through it, I can attest that many NES games based on 1980s action films were pretty terrible. 8-bit games like Robocop and Nightmare on Elm Street couldn’t compare to the unforgettable
Age of Wonders III Triumph Studios | tbd early 2014 for PC The last installment in the Age of Wonders fantasy turn-based strategy series came way back in 2002, but, after a delay from its
Story, integration, graphics, whatever: The lasting legacy of the adventure game era were the puzzles. How do you a challenge a player when you’re not demanding technical optimization? Perhaps it was a question better left
Achieve Perfection in Android Apps The Google Android OS is used in a lot of major smartphone brands available today. It is one of the most popular platform which is used for developing Android apps.