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By juegoadmin | Game Development | January 21st, 2021

Perks Of Custom Game Development

Video Games can be expected in all possible shapes and sizes; long, hard, easy, or short. Whether it’s an Indie game or a AAA game, the involvement of personnel and money in game development companies reflects the aspiration to earn profit through popularity.

Some games have been abandoned as quickly as their release. But some titles have aged like wine: getting better as years roll. This is courtesy of the Custom games.

What Is Custom Games?

Custom games resemble video games in all respects but come with a twist. New experiences created by the community and playable within the game are called Custom games. They enable a player to team up with or play against chosen players or bots.

But depending upon the video game being played, custom games can range from grand battle royales or brawls to an adventure driven by story or innovation that no one has thought of before.

Why Are They Popular?

Gaming Communities tend to seek interesting titles and increase the player bases. This allows them to imagine and implement alterations as they see fit.

  • Minecraft allows you to edit names, UI elements, world elements, items, and textures. They can be customized with the help of 3rd party software like M Creator.
  • Replacing fire breathing dragons with Thomas the tank engine in Skyrim’s Really Useful Dragon Mode was a hit.
  • The custom game options in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim allows you to die of diseases, thirst, and hunger.

Advantages of Custom Games:

They add to the overall experience of an already fantastic game whether it is improved graphics quality or adding new content. Some of the popular Custom Video games are given below with their advantages for the players.


For a user of PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the custom features enable the start-up of dedicated servers at a given time by players randomly.

Custom Game Features:

  • Custom games within PUBG extend from normal and zombie mode to war and esport mode.
  • This ranges from the timing of the airdrops, enabling or disabling red zones, and the pace of the circles.
  • They can generate any battle royale match they want; from snipers alone to a battle royale zombie match.
  • This custom ability has been extended to create a Custom lobby now.

League of Legends:

League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena video game. Custom game options enable the following in League of Legends.

Primacy to the player:

  • The player base is allowed to create custom games and each custom game can have its own set of rules.
  • Some popular custom game types within the League of Legends are: Hide-and-Seek, Catch The Yeti, and League Roleplay.
  • A custom game mode called Ultimate Bravery is played by the random build of items, spells, and skills to be a champion eventually.


Overwatch is a first-person shooter game that is team-based. Custom games within Overwatch are available as a game mode in the Play menu. Under custom games, it offers the following options:

Options for the players:

  • Options for rule changes, maps, hero, gameplay, and team.
  • Pictionary, Gun game, and Island party are some of the popular custom games available on Overwatch.
  • A gamer with cerebral palsy appreciated Overwatch’s character-specific custom control, which enabled his first-ever snipe.

Among Us:

Among Us, a game that went viral in 2020, allows you to explore the custom game settings to make things more interesting. Once you have inspected the three levels in the game, it can be customized as per your desire.

Benefits of Customization:

  • Fans have turned the game into a horror movie mode, dead by daylight mode, murder, she wrote mode, and hide and seek mode.
  • Players can agree upon certain rules like using in-game chats, muting microphones, reporting murders and completing tasks faster, etc.


Dota2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA game by Valve. Dota2 has a Custom games hub that lets the players assess untested custom games quickly. Other features are:

Perks for Creators:

  • Valve introduced, in 2016, Custom Game Pass to custom game mode creators in the community as an incentive.
  • Promotional tie-ins to other media and video games have been made to Dota2 right from its release. These include custom games of Half-Life 2, Portal, and Fallout 4.

Advantages of Custom Game development:

For the Game:

  •  They increase the shelf-life of the game in the market.
  • They provide more depth to the existing video game.
  • The story-telling aspect of the game can be tweaked by providing more thrilling and fast-paced modes to the playing community.
  • The existing universe of a game can be extended by further world-building.
  • The addition of realism, more functionalities, game choices, and other innovative features can ensure the game’s continued popularity.

The Original Game Developers:

  • One game with different variations can help keep the playing community hooked and engage the curious onlookers as well.
  • Without any budget overruns, the gaming company can create custom games with high user engagement. Hence, custom games are very cost-effective.
  • Custom games in PCs, Mobiles, and Online are built on the back of all essential factors such as responsive design changes, etc. They can easily scale i.e. changed in size or scale based on the needs of the players.
  • Relevant security measures including the updating of the game’s data security system can be updated along with custom games.
  • The changes will reach the market faster than before improving efficiency and flexibility.
  • Most custom games are multiplayer. They harness the strength of social media for connecting a single player with his contacts.
  • This chain will create positive vibes about the game on social media. And can help sustain enthusiasm.

For the Playing Community:

  • A sense of belonging will further strengthen the community of players since custom changes are proposed and implemented by them.
  • Such custom games can become a mode of self-expression for serious players. It can also help preserve interest for the existing players.
  • Apart from fans of the existing game, custom games can attract more fans who adore a new level or a new mode.
  • Active engagement with the community of players will create a sense of self-worth in the players.


What once started as personalized video games given away as luxury gifts to a few in the early 2000s, is attaining popularity among communities and gaming studios worldwide as Custom games in the second decade. Harnessing the increasing use of data analytics for better player engagement, Custom Games could bring changes in real-time in the near future.

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