Rummy Game Development Cost

By juegoadmin | Game Development | July 21st, 2023

Rummy Game Development Cost and How to Estimate It?

Card games have always been popular as indoor entertainment. Add rewards and cash to the mix, and it is even more alluring. These days, you can enjoy a card game virtually with players all over the globe-courtesy the booming rummy games market and other similar online card games.

Among different card games Rummy, is the most popular among online gamers. It is a simple game to master and is popular at casinos. Dedicated rummy games and apps are in high demand and profitable. Thus, game development studios witness steady queries on rummy game development costs.

Read on all about estimating the cost of designing a rummy game. Own a successful rummy game when you have a clear vision of features, functionality, and expectations regarding the game design.

Why Invest in The Rummy Games Market?  

The gaming industry as a whole is undergoing unprecedented growth right now. But nothing compares with the exponential growth experienced by the online rummy and poker games market. The online Indian poker and rummy market was USD 85 million in 2022. It may reach USD 170 billion in 2030. The CAGR will be approximately 12% between 2022-2030. 

As per Statista, the market will soar to $1.4 billion in 2024. Between 2019-2024 the market has witnessed incredible growth. Though the competition is high, the segment still offers scope for business owners considering venturing into the digital gaming segment.

The evolving technologies, immersive gaming experience, and the allure of entertainment that also helps to earn together will ensure rummy stays relevant in the future. Thus, the cost to develop a rummy game has the potential to bring home exponential returns in the future.

Why Are Online Rummy Games Popular?

Rummy is among the most popular online card games with millions of users globally. The earning opportunities, simplicity, and entertainment- contribute to its popularity.

  • Easy Entertainment

The primary reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. Even card game novices can master the game. Moreover, unlike visiting a physical casino, registering on a rummy game platform is simple enough. You can sign up in minutes and start playing. 

  • Exclusive Tournaments

Most rummy games have occasional events and tournaments to keep their players engaged. Exclusive gifts, offers, and scope to earn more at such events add to their attraction. Many gamers join these platforms to access these perks.

  • Ads-Free Gaming

Many games have innumerable pop-ups and ad banners. However, users generally find this a nuisance while gaming. They look for games that specifically claim to be ads-free. If  you get a game development studio to create ads-free games, it will instantly spark interest. A rummy game that is  ads-free is more likely to gain popularity fast. 

  • Enhanced Creativity

A Rummy game is easy but requires creativity and skill to keep up your winning streak. Practicing the game improves your strategic and creative thinking. These perks keep gamers engaged and add to the popularity of the game.

  • Consistent Earnings

Online rummy games dealing in real money are popular. The more the players engage, the better they can earn. The amount is generally average but good enough to engage the players and make such platforms popular. The prospect of earning while you are playing is lucrative to millions.

  • Unlimited Gaming

Designing your game with unlimited gaming features will add to its popularity. The right balance of paid games and unlimited access to free games can keep the players hooked to your platform and provide an immersive gaming experience.

  • Frequent Updates

There is growing competition in the mobile gaming industry. To keep up with the evolving technology, apps, and games must get updated frequently. Rummy games that are periodically updated and offer new features, games, and better offers are more likely to gain popularity quickly.

Important Factors that Influence Rummy Game Development Cost

Rummy game development cost depends on several factors. The expense can vary depending on game features, developer’s skill and experience, tech stack, and more. To estimate the cost to develop rummy games, you must understand the factors impacting the process and the budget in due course.

1. Need for Multi-Platform Development

You can opt for standalone, multi-platform, or integration of the rummy game. The cost would vary based on your choice. Standalone games would cost less, while multi-platform games are more expensive. 

But Which Would Be the Right Choice for Your Game? 

  • The higher the number of platforms you cover, the better will be the reach. Hence, the cost of development will recover in the long run.
  • Evolving technology can call for platform upgrades in the future for the game to stay relevant. Keeping the doors open for such an upgrade will always prove beneficial.
  • If you already have a multi-gaming platform, you can also opt to develop a rummy game application that can get integrated into it.

The number of target platforms can significantly impact your incurred game development cost. Presently, iOS and Android platforms are the most popular among rummy gamers, making them worthy integrations if the budget permits.

2. Inclusion of Different Rummy Modes

There are four modes of rummy, namely- Pool, Points, Deals, and Raise. Most game owners opt for all, but you can choose two or three. Later you can always upgrade and add the other modes too. The delivery time and the number of modes you want will influence the cost incurred during development. 

A wise choice would be to integrate based on the popularity of each rummy mode. Points is the most played rummy mode followed by Pool, Deals, and Raise. Opting to get one or two modes on priority or all four modes together will impact the delivery time and rummy game development cost.

3. Development Team Size

The team deployed to design the game also influences the cost to develop a rummy game. Simply put, the bigger the team, the higher the cost. The overall expense can fluctuate further when you factor in the team member’s expertise, experience, and delivery deadline. Developing the entire game is not viable with one or two developers. The team must include the following professionals:

  • Project manager
  • Back-end developers
  • Android and iOS developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Business analyst

Choosing a game development studio to design the game will maximize the ROI. They would have the required manpower, technology, and expertise to deliver the project within a tight deadline. You will be free to focus better on core tasks like marketing the game.

4. Location of The Development Team

The rates vary for game developers from one region to another. Thus, the geographical location of the development team affects the overall development cost significantly. You must choose the team carefully to make the most of your budget without compromising the quality of the game development services.

Here are the approximate standard rates charged by game developers across the country:

  • Developers based in India: $30-$70 per hour
  • Developers based in the UK: $100-$150 per hour
  • Developers based in the USA: $150-$250 per hour

A lower rate does not necessarily mean mediocre service quality. The key to finding a good game development studio is thorough research while minding your budget.

5. Additional Features

Increasing the features will inevitably add to the rummy game development cost. It is important to determine which features are crucial and a priority to make the most of your budget. You cannot skip the basic elements of the rummy game. Rather choose which of the additional features aligns better with your plans for the game development. 

But first, let us understand what comprises additional features in a rummy game:

  • Customer service in multiple languages
  • Live chat facility
  • Multiple secure payment gateways
  • Customized interface design- option to change colors, fonts, etc.
  • Support multiple tables at a time
  • Tailor-made bonuses and offers

6. Exclusive Tournaments

Your rummy game will be more engaging when players can enjoy unique events and tournaments on the platform. But adding this feature also incurs a significant cost. Moreover, such events offer better bonuses and rewards that make them more enticing to gamers. However, to implement this feature successfully, you must always keep a tab on the budget and not go overboard.

7. Software Infrastructure

Every application and software required for development are premium tools that are expensive. Every application and software needed for game designing are expensive tools. It is more cost-efficient to hand over the project to a game development studio than to purchase all. They already have such infrastructure. Here are some of the technologies required in designing an online rummy game:

  • Node.js for backend development
  • Kotlin for android
  • Swift for iOS
  • Support solutions for Android, iOS, and the web with Unity Engine
  • AWS or Azure for cloud computing
  • SQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra, for database
  • Google Firebase for hosting
  • Real-time communication with
  • Analytics with Azure Stream analytics
  • Smart notification with Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification
  • RapidAPI
  • One Signal for push notification
  • Payment integration
  • RNG+ certification

What Are the Steps Toward Building a Successful Online Rummy Game?

The game development cost is influenced by every step of the process. Hiring an established game design studio is cost-efficient as they already have the necessary infrastructure. Moreover, they can provide the service within a fixed delivery time. Once you hire a game development studio for your rummy game project, they would follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Strategic Approach

The process begins with strategizing the game. You need to plan the game and together with the game development studio, come up with creative ideas. This is the step where the initial blueprint of the purpose and expectations of the game are drafted. A significant cost is incurred in creating the initial blueprint called the game design document. This will be followed by the entire team throughout the development process.

2. Chalking out Features and Platforms

Once the basic conception of the rummy game app is done, it is time to chalk out the features and technical aspects of the game. List of features, platforms to include in cross-platform development, integration, and technology stack requirement- these are a few things to determine before the development begins. This is the stage where an approximation of the development time and overall cost get done.

3. Development Process

This is the most crucial part where game development gets in the process. It is a multi-layer process involving a team of professionals like UX/UI designers, project managers, coders, 2D/3D artists, game developers for different platforms, and QA engineers. Every segment of the development process must be done with extreme care to avoid confusion and gaps in the process. The initially determined rummy game development cost may fluctuate during the process. This is the result of changing prices of software, requests for additional features from client end, extended development time and so on.

4. Testing the Game

Once the prototype gets designed, the testing begins. Multiple testing rounds are conducted till the game is completely free of glitches. Several types of testing based on system performance, functionality, and regression are done to ensure the game is free from bugs. The software used for the testing along with required time together adds to the development cost.

5. Marketing and Promotion

Lastly, a tight-knit marketing strategy and its implementation is the key to maximizing the reach of the game. A part of the rummy game development cost will go into marketing to ensure maximized ROI from the game. As competition grows rapidly in the rummy game market, intense promotion and marketing is crucial to spread the word about your product. Needless to say, a significant portion of development cost must be dedicated to marketing.

How Much Time Is Needed to Build a Rummy Game?

The estimated time needed to build the online rummy game depends on several factors such as:

  • Total manpower in the development team
  • Variety in features and functions required
  • Total work hours of the development team

It takes approximately 18 weeks on average to develop a real money rummy game with a decent team size and 40 hours of work every week. However, the time can get extended to 25 weeks depending on additional features, cross-platform development, testing, and unforeseen complications. The longer the time, the higher will be the cost. The game developing studio will give an estimate of the delivery time along with the buffer time to determine the approximate total hours and relevant cost.

What Is the Approximate Rummy Game Development Cost?

The cost of developing an online rummy and poker game can be anywhere between $20,000 to $60,000. However, the exact estimation can be best provided by the game development studio. This amount is solely the game development cost, excluding promotional expenses. 

The charges per hour are not only vary based on the location of the game development team but also the stature and reputation of the company. Smaller and relatively unknown companies will charge significantly less compared to a seasoned game development company who have established a brand. 

The cost will also fluctuate based on the features and functionalities you choose. The simpler the platform, the less the cost of development will be.

Wrapping Up

The real money rummy games market is booming at the moment and is here to stay. With the revenues growing rapidly in this segment every year, investing in developing a rummy game can prove to be a sound financial decision for the future. Once you determine to make the most of the trend, you must have a feasible budget plan to execute the game development. 

Keeping in mind all the factors shared above will help you create a budget plan easily with the help of a game development studio. Own a successful rummy game that maximizes the ROI when you are clear about the requirements.


1.Is Rummy Game Gambling?

Rummy is not a game of chance but requires skills and an analytical approach. Hence it is not considered gambling.

2.Standalone App, Integration, or Multiplatform- Which Is Better for Rummy Games?

To maximize the reach of most users, opting for multi-platform game development or integration is always a wider choice. If you are on a tight budget, standalone is more suitable, provided you keep the opening to expand the platforms later.

3.How to Create a New Rummy Game App?

You can easily create a new rummy game app with the help of any reputed game development studio. Share your idea with the developers and they materialize the game.

4.Are Rummy Apps Legal?

Rummy apps are legal in India barring a few states in the country. There are state-specific laws regularizing online rummy games to make them legal.

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