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Top 10 Games & Puzzles for Kids

We are just now getting into playing games, and with Caden turning three on Christmas Eve we are very excited to start our collection of family games for kids! Here is our wish list of games and puzzles that I am hoping Caden will enjoy!

1. Trucky 3 – is a puzzle and a game all rolled into one, also called a multi-level logic game. These Smart Games are awesome! And since Caden loves anything with wheels I think he is going to love this game! Caden also loves building things which is another reason I think he will enjoy this game.


2. Melissa & Doug Alphabet Express Floor Puzzle – Caden has mastered wooden peg puzzles and is ready to move on to more difficult puzzles. I think this puzzle would be the perfect next step because he would only need to match up two sides of each puzzle piece to build the train.

3. Eeboo Preschool Color Puzzle Pairs – Eeboo puzzles and games are fantastic! They are cute and durable! I am hoping that this puzzle will help Caden to solidify his color recognition while having fun at the same time!

4. Eeboo Preschool Picture Dominos – This a a domino game with cute images of animals instead of dots. This game is a great way to practice counting and matching. I love all the Eeboo games and puzzles, you should definitely check them out! They have games for all ages!

5. I Spy Preschool Game – This game is also a puzzle. You have to match the piece with the riddle to the piece with the correct pictures. It looks like a fun way to practice matching and reading skills.

6. Spot It! Educational Set – This is a set of four educational games. Players will be learning letters, numbers, and shapes while trying to find the match to win the game. It looks like a lot of fun for everyone!

7. Curious George Matching Game – Caden has an excellent memory and has fun with matching games on the iPad. I hope he will enjoy the old fashion version of the game! 

8. A to Z Capitols Crepe Rubber Puzzle by Lauri Toys– We have other alphabet puzzles, but I keep hearing that these are the best. They are made of durable crêpe rubber and have an image under each puzzle piece that matches the letter to reinforce letter sounds. And best of all Lauri Toys will replace any missing pieces!


9. Jumbo Bananagrams – Need I say more? Even though Caden won’t be spelling for some time now, these jumbo letter tiles are durable and can be used for all sorts of other games! These would be a fun way to learn the alphabet!

10. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game – This adorable game works to develop fine motor skills, game strategic skills, matching and sorting! I have wanted to get this game for Caden for some time! I am so excited that he will finally be old enough to play!

BONUS! HABA: My Very First Games are great games for little beginners. They are for children ages 2 and up! There are the only games I have ever seen that are for two-year olds. They are very well made, mostly wooden and pose no choking hazards. We have the First Orchard game and Caden is just now getting the hang of it!


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