Top 6 Metaverse Blockchain Games

By juegoadmin | NFT Game Development | February 17th, 2022

Top 6 Metaverse Blockchain Games About to Explode

Metaverse is the real world that is virtualized and blockchain provides digital footprint and proof of the possession of the assets. With the rise of online multiplayer games, Metaverse has established itself in the gaming industry very strongly. Metaverse, NFTs, and online gaming options are trending in the crypto world and expanding rapidly. As we discuss further, we will learn about 6 metaverse blockchain games that are going to rise exponentially.

Six Metaverse Blockchain Games Expected to Grow Rapidly:

1. Star Atlas

Space themed, is metaverse blockchain games based, Star atlas is a video game with a very high transaction throughput. Based on the Solana blockchain, Star Atlas supports up to 50000 transactions per second. Solana offers transaction fees as low as $.00025 PT. This game provides extremely high-quality graphics and cinematic visual experience using nanite from Engine 5’s. Gamers can create and buy NFTs within the metaverse and do trading that is tangible.

With fairly expansive gameplay, players can build economies and construct cities. Players can even team up and form DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) to rule a specific section. Star atlas is completely decentralized and allows complete ownership of the assets to the players as they earn them in the game. Participation in the game is focused on the monetization of the time invested in the game. You can get incentives for securing and sustaining the ecosystem within Star Atlas. With a market cap of 400 million, this game is anticipated to be one of the most popular.

2. CyberTrade

Developed on Binance smart chain, it is a play-to-earn metaverse game where you need to pick a fighter, be the best, and make CyberCash in the course. This game is about the futuristic city Metropolit with a role-playing game feature. This game has 3 major parts; Drag Races, Crypto Citizens, and Fighting Games. If you want to play drag races, you need 2 NFTs. If you earn, you get CyberCash and level up. So are the fighting games where you fight with other players and you earn as you win. The best part about CyberTrade is, it allows you to try the game before you invest in it. You get an Avatar or artifact for free that can be used to earn CyberCash.

3. Illuvium

This role-playing game is a blockchain-based game developed on Ethereum. It allows players to earn in-game NFTs and allows them to stack the assets in a zero-fee decentralized framework. With a highly scalable setup, Illuvium presents 3d characters with a gameplay that is real-time. Along with hunters and Illuvial, this game offers land that can be traded. These lands are divided into 5 categories based on their superiority and scarceness.

Players in the digital world of Illuvium can search for Illuvials as NFTs that can be transacted for trading, collections, and battle objects. These Illuvium NFTs denote collectibles that can be transacted on various platforms like OpenSea, IlluvDEX etc. It uses immutable x to increase the transaction throughput.

Here gambling system uses flash pools and core pools and also uses both ILV and sILV. In the flash pools when tokens are staked, these can be received either in ILV or sILV. In ILV there is a locking period of 12 months whereas in sILV users can use the tokens quickly in the game. Whereas there are two types of core pools, ILV and ILV/ETH.

4. Ancient kingdom

An ancient martial arts game based in Vietnam. This Metaverse is developed on Binance smart chain and offers NFTs. This offers exclusive crypto tokens that can be traded easily in the marketplace. Blockchain asset value increases as the community expand.

Gambling for assets. NFTs and payments are use cases examples. Here party governance creates goals for the whole faction with certain targets to achieve. Each target produces a group-wide bonus. When a mission is accomplished, new missions are unlocked along with additional incentives.

It is a P2E game. It has six-character categories to pick out from. The earnings are derived from in-game events, trading on the NFT marketplace, farming, and staking governance tokens. It has an initial total supply of 2 billion tokens. Sixty percent of them will be with the public.

5. The Sandbox

It is a decentralized gaming metaverse that is Ethereum based NFT. Here players can monetize VR NFTs. They can create, use and sell their own NFTs. The economy within the game is tokenized using a native token named SAND in this crypto metaverse. Blockchain technology is changing the way we earn money, make assets, and play games online. The Sandbox is an exclusive Metaverse project where players do not need coding skills to contribute to the metaverse project.

For transactions and communications, SAND is the token used all over for value transferences, staking, and governance. SAND is an ERC-20 token. It is created based on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a defined supply of 3,000,000,000 SAND.

The Metaverse is the Sandbox is made of lands. At present there are 166464 Lands offered for monetization, hosting games, creating a housing landscape, and providing social virtual life to the users.

At present products on the Sandbox platform include VoxEdit software to create assets that can become NFT and can be easily imported to the marketplace. The marketplace is a one-stop shop to buy and sell assets. It also includes a game maker where you can build 3d games.

People who invested in the early stages are now reaping the benefits as a SAND token and LAND NFTS are fetching lucrative returns.

6. Metastrike

Based on VR, Metastrike is free-to-play and earns the game. Its metaverse offers you the option to buy land and make custom maps for the part of the metaverse where you play. These can be sold as NFTs to others as well. The game offers features like battles between the guilds to steal their lands. Players can earn NFTs from other players by visiting their homes or headquarters. You can create custom NFTs that are rare and valuable. Metastrike offers a marketplace which anyhow is becoming quite common now. With the help of leading investors, the game has successfully completed IDO on seedy to raise $250000.


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