Best Tools for VR game developers

By Juegostudio | Virtual Reality | March 27th, 2020

Top 8 Software Tools for VR game developers

VR has come a long way from just being called a simulation device. It took decades of research and development to bring about a change in the external as well as internal components of VR equipment. A lucid account of VR significance has been colossal, irrespective of industry and commerce. Though evidently we could be assured, it has taken the entertainment industry by a storm. Gaming and animation share a mutual inclination towards the utilization of VR, and the game developers are exploring every aspect of Virtual Reality and putting it to use.

Only the best chosen medium can produce the finest products. Since, we expect our product to be optimal, we also need to know about the best tools and devices that can produce such high quality products. Let us take a look at the best tools that are used by the VR game developers.

Top 8 Software Tools for VR Game Development:

  • Unity 3D

Every game developer swears by the tool. It is a game engine that allows fluid and flexible actions. There are concrete reasons to make it popular and best Virtual Reality game developers Software. Its most notable features include, a direct preview of work, cross-platform compatibility, JavaScript and C compliant. Thus, it can be called an asset to the gaming industry.

  • Cryengine

Another game engine that is meant to be a one stop development solution to all. Enabling brilliant visual implementation, in-build audio studio solutions, scalable computation options, this is a close competition to Unity. However, the level of details in it is unparalleled to any.

  • Blender

Being a free and open source 3D computer graphics software, Blender is one software that picked up the trend quite swiftly. Upon the launch, the game developers were the one that could stick to this software because of its immaculate visual effects and motion graphics. Talking about its Real-time control during physics simulation and rendering, Blender is rich in putting across what it promises.

  • AppGameKit-VR

Developed by the Game Creators, it is a brilliantly built game development engine meant for easy and quick coding. With modified head mounting displays and powerful command to core AppGameKit Script language, it only takes very little effort for any game developer to create a VR experience.

  • Amazon Lumberyard

One can never go wrong when it is backed up by Amazon. This cross-platform gaming engine was released in 2015 and is loved by professional game developers since then. This engine gives the leverage of creating some of the best games and VR experience with a preview function that saves both time and efforts of the skillful experts. Having premium tools in Lumberyard’s Gems to create the best VR environments and connected to Amazon Gameloft that is on an AWS server. Lumberyard is truly a gift to the gaming industry.

  • 3Ds Max and Maya

It is considered a boon to the CG industry. So, the game developers love it. Proving that the Autodesk programs are the best to be used for numerous purposes like design visualization, 3D animation, simulation, and rendering program, 3Ds Max and Maya are both exceptionally good design and modeling tools.

  • SketchUp

As a 3D modelling computer program, SketchUp is quite easy for beginners. Game development is a difficult job that requires skill and dedication. This program raises the bar for any other design and modeling tool. VR created in this program is spectacular as it focuses on the level of details and quick learning for game development novices. Packed with valuable detailed tutorials, SketchUp furnishes its audience with the best gaming technology.

  • Google VR for everyone

This technology provides a wide variety of VR tools to game developers and lets them build a new VR world for themselves. Equipped with the world’s best technology, powered by Google, this takes gaming development to the next level. Having various guides for different platforms, the Google VR platform provides development kits to access various systems and create an immersive VR experience.

These VR Software are the best you can find in the market. It would be a helping hand to create a work of art that every game developer wishes to. Turning to these tools would combine a developers sheer talent and the benefits of technology. Cross-platform, cross-device compatible, along with user-friendly interface, the tools are a solution for all the next gaming projects that any game developer desires to ace.

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