Future of Metaverse Gaming

By juegoadmin | NFT Game Development | February 1st, 2022

Understanding Metaverse and Gaming’s future

Metaverse is the next big thing that can create an enhanced digital experience for the consumer in the virtual reality world. It makes users around the globe interact using HCI (human-computer interaction) hardware and software. In this virtual space, people can do things that they could not have done in real life. They can socialize, play games, work, create digital assets, and purchase lands.

About Metaverse

With a highly scalable virtual space and its own economy, Metaverse is speculated to be the next big leap after computers and the internet. Metaverse game development uses augmented and virtual reality(AR and VR) along with AI to give users a real-life experience. At present virtual reality, gameplay is available as a standalone application on your VR gear, phones, or desktops and gives you a 360-degree view with sensory perception. Metaverse on the other hand provides a unified space where users can connect to multiple VR games. It creates an illusion of you being part of the virtual space in real life.

Metaverse prototypes games

The metaverse is not a new terminology in the gaming world. Few games have already launched a prototype of the metaverse in their games. Battle royal is a fine example of the metaverse prototype. The gaming industry has gradually moved to digital avatars and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology makes sure that transactions made in the metaverse world are secure and safe. Users can buy/sell virtual assets. These assets can be leased out as well.

Providing real engagement

To access the metaverse, you would need an identification system. To access different social sites and apps we need an account to authorize ourselves. Metaverse authentication is no different. There already are a few examples of human interactions where we are viewers, e.g., YouTube and Instagram live feeds. Though we provide our engagement via message or emoticons, real engagement is missing. With metaverse, that missing dimension can be provided as well. As an example, in the game Fortnight, there was an interview conducted about another game where the interviewee answered questions in his avatar while other players participated in various other activities within the game.

Metaverse, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies

A metaverse economy is governed by cryptocurrencies and NFT marketplace development. You use the physical currency to buy NFTs which traditionally was a one-way trade. Now with the evolution in cryptocurrency and due to its popularity, you can trade cryptocurrency in exchange for real-world money. Games like long-running second life and Axie Infinity offer this trading.

Games and their monetary angle

The traditional gaming world has been slowly transitioning to Metaverse for some time now. Earlier games were a medium of entertainment that was interactive to some extent. With gradual evolution, it became informative and fascinating. With NFT and cryptocurrency around, these games are not just seen as hobbies or entertainment but as a monetary investment too. And metaverse in gaming is further going to enhance the gaming experience.

The Fortnite example

Free to play the cross-platform game Fortnite has been accountable for the unification of various brands under one umbrella. The man behind Fortnite, Tim Sweeney wants different brands to not just unite but to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. So, if a product is launched in the physical world, Tim would like it to be part of the virtual world too so that players get a similar experience and feel as in the real world.

An opportunity to interact

The online gaming industry is densely populated with game enthusiasts who regularly participate in world events. This gives them an opportunity to interact with the brand ambassadors to understand more about what metaverse has to offer. Looking at the future many gaming companies have shifted from the traditional game genre to crypto-based gaming.

Metaverse has the following features:

1. Social gaming

What sets Metaverse in gaming apart from the old-style VR gaming experience is its fundamental social nature. In the multi-player gaming space, you can invite your friends, known people, interact with new people and expand your circle.

2. Games assets that are portable

Metaverse architecture allows assets within the virtual space to be portable. Ownership of the assets associated with a particular player maintains its value across the environments. Be it avatar and associated features, or weapons and art, they can be ported easily. NFT rules that govern the economy make it possible.

3. Play and earn

Another key aspect of the metaverse in the gaming world is to convert assets into cryptocurrency. You can sell your assets to other users in the exchange of acceptable cryptocurrency within the games.

4. Games as a platform

This is another feature that makes the metaverse world interesting. Once you are part of the virtual world in the metaverse in gaming, you can create your own content within the game. You can develop sub-modules of the game. In a nutshell, you use the gaming platform to develop your own content which can be integrated as part of the game.

5. Enhanced reality experience

The metaverse offers an enhanced gaming and transactional experience where workflow mimics the real world.

Issues concerning legal and ethical practices must be addressed by metaverse. Certain legal and ethical issues are

Non-Fungible token ownership rights are still ambiguous. Not all NFTs earned inside a game could be universally acceptable. Hence, proper ownership rights need to be developed so that users know to trade.

Age-appropriate content should be encouraged to ensure child prohibited content is blocked. Though it is difficult to monitor who is behind the Avatar, developers must think of ways to normalize age-related concerns.

Infrastructure and technology shortcomings are other aspects that are yet to evolve. The scalability required to build a metaverse is way too far yet holds a promising future.


Metaverse in gaming could be a concept to visualize alternate realities. While creating altogether a new dimension with the technology, new job prospects are created too. It would be tempting to live in a virtual world that does not have the problems of the real world. To thrive, the metaverse definitely needs new discoveries, innovations, protocols, and technology. This is highly certain that metaverse is the future of the gaming world. There has been a huge investment by large tech giants and gaming companies like Meta, Sandbox, Epic Games and Decentraland are the early pickers who have shown interest and faith.


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