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By Juegostudio | Game Development | September 2nd, 2020

Pro Tips To Create Successful Video Game Character Design

Ever imagined a game without the character in it? That would be so boring or mundane, isn’t it? Character or characters constitute the most integral part of any video game. Although visual and audio settings along with a seamless and smooth game playing experience with high performance rates are things that mostly determine the success of a typical game, it is the character in a game that ties the audience with the game environment. If you are a gaming geek, you must certainly be familiar with Mario and its huge fan following base. Character design therefore is extremely critical in determining how your video game could attract the market.

What Is a Character?

A character of a game is an entity created in a virtual environment with whom the game would interact. It mostly represents a human being or even an animal although when the term “character” comes up,  it mostly represents a human. A character in a video game carries the entire sentiment of the game. Right from understanding if the character should be a male or a female to what should be his or her appearance and voice type, everything comes under the area of character design. Game character design is an important part of the entire game development process which entails doing a deep analysis of how the character in the game should be connected with the environment. The whole story of the game depends majorly on the character. At Juego Studios, there are not only experienced game developers and designers you would come across, but also character designers who come with a lot of exposure and experience in creating some of the best video games in the world.

Why Is Character Design Crucial for The Success of A Game?

It is the character which narrates the entire storyline to the player. Character designing entails designing the gender, the age, the kind of voice and appearance of the character among a lot of other things. It is the character that ties up the audience with the gaming environment. This part is very important for the entire game because of quite a few factors some of which are listed down below.

1. Acts as A Bridge Between Gamer and Gaming Environment

A well designed character in a video game acts as a connector between the player and the game and through the different phases of the game, it brings out the different plots of the entire story making the game look active real life like.

2. Attracts the Player by Aligning with His or Her Personality

Probably one of the pivotal roles played by a character in a game is its ability to attract the player through its traits. The character and personality of the character is very important because it is this trait that generally attracts a specific target audience. The dress and style of the character needs to go well with the role the character that is portrayed throughout the course of the game.

3. Gives a Sense of Accomplishment and Loss

When a player is playing a game, the player takes the role of the character in the game and any achievement the character receives or any loss he faces, directly gets transmitted to the player. This creates room for a more active participation in the game where the player is allowed to control each and every move of the character throughout the different sections of the game and therefore each and every reward gives the player a sense of achievement while every obstacle he faces gives the player a sense that he needs to work on his moves to be better at the game.

4. Helps Make a Virtual Game Feel Real

A primary goal of a character in a game is to make the player more actively involved in the game by giving a real-life like experience.

Basic Character Designing Tips

Below is a list of some of the most prominent character design tips to keep in mind while designing a character for your game.

1. Attributes of Character

Whether it be the age, gender, skin color, hair style, color of the clothes or the style of voice, all of these make up a character. A good character design requires clearly aligning the characters’ dressing pattern with its skin color or height for instance. There are plenty of minute details that need to be carefully checked while designing a game character so that it stays in the minds of the players for a long period of time.

2. Design Expressions and Emotions

How your game character reacts to an achievement or when it takes a bad move and hence gets hurt in the game is crucial as well. This is how it could relate directly to the player. A character could be overjoyed when it achieves a bonus point or a reward and spin on the floor to rejoice or it might give a broad smile. How you want your character to respond to an environment also plays a key role in determining the popularity it might achieve.

3. Think of It’s Redeeming Quality

Every character whether in a game or in real life would have a redeeming trait – one characteristic that defines the character overall. To have your character win hearts of the gaming fraternity, it is important to design your game character with one trait – such as benevolent or empathetic or patient.

4. Dynamic

A character needs to be dynamic such that it evolves during the course of the game. If your character stays the same in terms of look or function throughout all the levels of the game, it might become a boring experience. It is therefore worthwhile to make sure your character adapts with every level either in terms of its appearance, age or any other feature that is logical to evolve over the course of time.


Although there are a plethora of game designers and game developers in the market who also design characters, it is a good idea to look for a character designer who is specialized in this field. If you’re developing a game that you would want to be popular, certainly a good character designer is worth your investment.

At Juego Studios a game development company, game designers and developers come with a substantial game development experience and have a proven track record of creating amazing games with the best character designs that has created a mark in the minds of its players. A great character designer can make your game a success.

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