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Web 3.0 is the New Genesis of Confidentiality and Anonymity to a Large Extend

The digital world is a transparent place where privacy is getting very less important. Many companies collect enormous amounts of browsing and user data to use for business purposes. With the web revolution, privacy factors became factors of concern within a few years.

The 2nd phase of the web proposed a user policy to take permission for accessible data. And there has been significant improvement in internet space. Digital marketing possibilities become limitless with the target market techniques.

It was the ideal iteration for digital marketing as it goes to extra lengths to ensure that a product or service is marked to the right of consumers. However, web 2.0 is also known for its reckless way of violating user privacy agreements.

But with the start of the recent phase of web 3.0, the data economy has changed, as the International Association of Privacy Professionals(IAPP) suggested in the year 2018 that web 3.0 might be the answer to data privacy woes.

What is Web 3.0?

This is the 3rd phase of the web revolution, known as web 3.0. Counting from 2020 onwards as the third phase of the web. The idea of blockchain technology is that government or non-governmental organizations have no right over your data. A decentralized system allows maximum security to user data and provides full control to the users.

Web 3.0 changed the scenario of the web privacy policy and gave back the power to the consumers. Although privacy regulation is ineffective and staying completely anonymous is a clear illusion on a large scale. We need to see the web 3.0s approach in more practical aspects.

What are the Changes that are Coming Along with Web 3.0?

In recent years people experienced huge scandals and lost trust in tech giants. We can expect web 3.0 to change the approach to data ownership and compensation. With the new phase, people are expecting increased transparency and more individual control over personal data, which heightened personal sovereignty.

Changes have already begun with web 3.0. Web3 development services brainstorm, create possibilities, recode their websites, and make various changes. Some of the noticeable changes are listed below.

  • Personalized Browsing Experience

Web3.0 is working on providing a more personalized browsing experience for all. In the new phase, websites have auto customization techniques that fit perfectly into devices. These websites will be more accustomed to the location and any accessibility requirements and usage habits.

  • Impressive Search Capability

As already noticed previously, the ability to understand natural language by a search engine is remarkable. Technology is advancing in such a way that any learning curve is becoming non-existent. The benefits of that are gained by both the consumers and the businesses. They don’t have to take tricky keyword strategies to optimize the search results; instead, they can apply a more natural approach.

  • Exclusive App Experiences

As the phase develops, the effects will benefit the websites and help offer a richer user experience.

You can take a new google mapping service; unlike web2.0, you can now combine the basic location search with various services. You can have hotel recommendations, live traffic updates, and route guidance.

Advantages of Web 3.0

The advantages of web3.0 are more significant than any other web phase. It makes changes in the website’s approach and creates more user-friendly web environments. Some of the advantages of web3.0 are written below.

  • Data Ownership

From the beginning of the web revolution, data privacy was not a matter of concern, people were unaware of data theft, and tech giants were easily taking advantage of that. Also, in web2.0, tech giants exploit and control user-generated data.

But the changes came after the blockchain-powered web3.0 end-to-end policy enabled users to take complete control over data use. The system will allow you to choose what information you want to share or what you want to keep private. In Fact, in this new phase for sharing your data, you can charge advertising companies a significant amount.

  • Fewer Intermediaries

Web3.0 connects companies directly with consumers. There will be less intermediate as there will be no central authorities who will be able to earn from the electronic transactions. However, there will be monetization to regulate the fairness of any transaction. It will create a further shift to decentralized networks instead of centralized institutions.

  • Transparency

Web3.0 allows the data used to track their data and look over the source code. The consumers will always be able to see the value and commerce they are associated with. That means you will have full transparency of the whole supply chain, and you can see the source and different buyers involved. You don’t have to rely on a middleman for this data.

  • Efficient Searching and Browsing Experience

One of the most important developments of the phase three web is restructuring the search engine code. Unlike web2.0, you will be able to see the exact search results or related things on your result page. This will help in a more productive way of searching for things.

  • Customized Web Experience

The website is designed in such a way that they will be able to recognize the preference. The websites analyze the location search history and customize the web experience for the user.

Suppose you are in Canada, and the web search will automatically show you thighs that are related to Canada, which makes your browsing experience more smooth.

  • Uninterrupted Services

In web3.0, the user will not need to think about the suspension of any service or account disruptions; in phase three, data is stored on distributed nodes, which enables you to experience uninterrupted services.

  • Increase Marketing Possibilities

Web 3.0 revolutionized the marketing system. Powered by AI, phase three is able to show people thighs of their interest. So users will see things that they are interested in, which will depend on their search history. Customized web experience makes this thing possible for the user.


Web3.0 enabled end-to-end encryption, which allows users to be more confidential and anonymous. The changes are still going on with the web protocols, and many web3 Developers UK, and USA work hard to provide such complex developments.

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