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A Comprehensive Guide to the Web3 Social Graph

The main purpose behind the projects of Web3 is to return complete data ownership to users. So, using on-chain and blockchain identity as the core user, data can efficiently become user-controlled rather than being platform specific. And this is probably the primary difference with the promise of a web3 social graph ecosystem.

You should know that user data in the web3 social network is extremely transparent through blockchain technology. And all information, including the transactions and participating DeFi projects, are available publicly in the wallet address. Here, the social graph protocol helps in organizing the on-chain behaviors and portraits in several ways.

Even though there is a huge potential, the transparency of private data can sometimes become a challenge for the industry. The major social networking platforms built on Web 2.0 take the best advantage of user data while creating a new account. Besides, the actions of all users are monitored and recorded by social platforms only to provide a rich and personalized user experience.

And these recorded details of users are popularly known as a social graph. Today, this article will talk about how Web3 social graphs are way more beneficial than Web 2.0 social graphs. Let’s begin.

What is Social Graph?

A social graph is nothing but an interconnection of relationships of a person over an online social network. It efficiently helps in demonstrating the association amongst groups, individuals, and organizations within a social media platform.

Whenever a user creates an account over any social network, a curated feed is made according to their activities. And this feed is basically recommended by the respective social media every time they visit the website or application. And whenever users engage in any interaction over social media, it is added to their social graph.

So, whenever you map out your social graph, you’ll notice how it becomes an enormous cobweb of data and connections. Even though social graphing existed for quite a long time, it gained massive popularity only when Zuckerberg re-introduced the terminology.

And since then, social graphs have emerged as the fundamental value of each social media platform. So, each time a new user registers in this application, the platform initiates a search for people you might know. And the results are completely based on the information provided by the user during their registration procedure.

You should know that a user’s social graph is likely to include their interpersonal relationships, interest, and living habits.

How is Social Graph Beneficial?

Social graphs make all the major social networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all the more powerful. So, whenever users set forth their foot on any social media, all of their online activities are documented.

For instance, these social media apps can track your phone calls and text messages. They can also know whether you and your friends have attended any meeting or event together. In other words, all of these details are stored in a systemized way where users are connected to various things around them.

What are the Major Differences Between Web3 Social Graphs vs. Web 2.0 Social Graphs?

Here, we have made a comprehensive listing of the most commendable differences between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0:

  • Social media platforms control Web 2.0, whereas the users control data from Web3.
  • Web 2.0 has centralized storage, while the social graph of Web3 has distributed and decentralized storage.
  • The social media platforms of Web 2.0 own user data, whereas for Web3, the users own their own data.
  • The user privacy of Web 2.0 is probably the least, but the Web3 social graph provides maximum user privacy.
  • The social networking platforms of Web 2.0 can efficiently sell data to third parties. Meanwhile, the users of Web3 have the right to choose whether to monetize their data or not consider it for monetization.
  • There is no such transparency for Web 2.0, but the Web3 social graph is completely transparent.
  • Web 2.0 is highly vulnerable to security threats and data leakage. Meanwhile, Web3 is least prone to data leakage and security threats.

Web3 Social Graph – What are the Associated Benefits?

By now, you must have understood that the social graphs of Web3 are highly beneficial over Web 2.0. So, here we will be looking into the most compelling benefits of Web3 social graphs:

  • Self-Sovereign

Although social graphs are open to all, the control and ownership of data lie solely in the hands of the end-users. Thus, they have the privilege to decide whether they wish to share the data with a third party.

  • Decentralized

The social graph of Web3 is decentralized and distributed amongst multiple blockchain nodes.

  • P2P Sharing

Users or data owners have the opportunity to share their social graph directly with anyone they wish to.

  • Privacy

While Web3 social graphs provide self-sovereign identity to users, they offer maximum privacy to the users.

  • Freedom of Choice

The social graph of Web3 provides users with great liberty in choosing applications, policies, and community cultures.

  • Data Portability

With Web3 at your disposal, any social graph or data can move seamlessly across the blockchain platforms. And this can be done without even rebuilding the data at every step.

It is clearly evident that the benefits of Web3 are endless. Thus we can rightfully state that the web3 game development is flourishing extensively.


The web3 social graph is a typical necessity in the current scenario. However, social giants are taking advantage of and also misusing user data. That is the reason why the current social graph demands major reconstruction. In fact, the Web3 social graphs truly appear as a relief in the unilateral exploitation of social graphs.

You should also note that Web3 is not only beneficial in ownership and data control by the user. It also takes care of other issues, including security threats associated with data and the portability of data. Thus, we can rightfully state that the Web3 social graph’s introduction can rebuild an effective ecosystem.

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