Cross Platform Game Development for Gaming Business

By juegoadmin | Cross Platform Games & Apps | December 8th, 2021

Why Choose Cross-Platform Game Development for Online Gaming Business

Currently, people can’t think of spending even a couple of hours without mobile games. The mobile game industry is indeed lucrative. This is because the colossal number of smartphone users who download and play games every single day enhances the numbers. Almost 80 percent of mobile users play games on their smartphones and this number is even more among tablet users.

The Prevailing Fad

Now, games framed for specific consoles have become a past event. Nowadays, players want to connect over platforms. The game development companies are exploring cross-platform to cover the giant mobile platforms. This will help in reaching a lot of users. Cross-platform is the only solution to this for consistent gaming performance.

So, Why Even Choose a Cross-Platform for Gaming Development

Creating a consistent and efficient game needs you to engage a lot of users across platforms leveraging a multitude of disciplines and a wide range of technologies. Today, mobile gadgets and tablet games have become excessively popular among different age groups. Gamers in modern times hold a huge array of devices from top-grade consoles to smartphones.

The Most Logical Thing to Do

So, churning out games that work across all devices is the most efficient thing to do. Many game developers offer high-class cross-platform services for game development for both online and offline games across different platforms like laptops, desktops, android, and iOS backed up devices, tablets, and more.

The Demand for Cross-Platform

The immense growth in demand has been observed for game engines, specific tools, and plugins. Different practices which can effortlessly support game developers to offer an all-encompassing gaming experience are being made available to the users. If you need to develop games individually for specific platforms, then a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration.

Cons of Not Developing Cross-Platform Games:

  • The development of platform-specific games become extremely cumbersome and complicated
  • It takes a lot of time to develop such games
  • It takes a lot of time for such games to market and hence leads to lesser returns

Cross-platform Gaming Engines Have a Lot of Benefits:

1. Easier to Maintain:

Maintaining a single code base makes the task easier. Gaming studios don’t need to maintain specific codebases for separate platforms. This is one of the major cross platform game development engine benefits.

2. Maximum Reach on Target Audience:

It lets you deliver games to a multitude of gamers in one go. The gamers only need to buy the title for one specific system in order to access other devices.

3. Quicker Upgrade:

While upgrading the game algorithms, the task becomes easier. Game developers do not need to make changes to multiple systems or codebases. One change can be deployed to multiple platforms thus saving money and time.

4. Cost-Effectiveness:

Cross-platform game development engines are cost-effective when compared to platform-specific games thus letting developers save a lot on costs.

5. Better Support:

Cross-platform gaming experience supports inexpensive and engaging gaming experiences.

6. Faster Market Time:

The games developed on cross-platform target the interests of multiple segments of players together. It is sufficient to consider the requirements set by the stores.

7. Performance:

Cross-platform games built by top gaming studios can adjust well with user requirements to offer seamless service.

8. Uniformity:

Cross-platform games always maintain a uniform feel, design as well as gaming experience across different platforms and devices.

9. Better Profitability:

Cross-platform games are always better for higher profitability since users can play across multiple OS and also on the web online. Thus, this has a higher retention rate. Game studios can attract multiple audiences and churn out higher returns through a single game played across multiple devices.

Key to Success in A Cross-Platform Gaming Experience

Well, in order to be successful in this gaming domain, one needs to have great attention to detail. This sort of game development is multifaceted and complex. One needs to do thorough and robust testing before launching the game to the users.

One needs to ensure that there are no bugs left to be fixed and no errors are missed out in the final version before launch. Choosing the right engine is also very important for success.

How do Cross-Platform Engines Work

This sort of game development needs a lot of software tools and the immense expertise of the game developers to put in place games from art assets to common code. Game developers can do their job in one code base and make use of scripting languages like Java, HTML. C, C#, etc. Software libraries, game engines, and software development kits to create cross-platform games.

Popular Cross-Platform Tools

Cross-platform gaming development lets the developers make use of innovative plugins to create tablet and mobile games independent of the platforms. Such plug-ins can enhance the features and functionality of the game which allows the gamers to enjoy a seamless experience and get into an immersive world stacked with plenty of lucrative features enhancing the gaming experience a few times.

A few examples of the best cross-platform engines for game development companies to use are:

  • Unity 3D game engine.
  • Unity has been used extensively by game development companies to craft games like 300: Rise of an Empire – Seize Your Glory Game.
  • PhoneGap.
  • Adobe Air is known for popular games like Bardbarian.
  • Adobe Air has cross-platform engines like Starling which developed the famous Angry Birds, Away 3D, and Stage 3D.
  • Cocos2D-x is yet another cross-platform tool that has developed an interesting game like Badland.
  • Cry Engine offers stunning visuals.
  • Unreal Engine has a wonderful visual scripting tool like Blueprint and can be used for cross-platform games using SDKs.
  • LibGDX has an API that can work with different operating systems like macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, etc.
  • Game Maker Studio is another user-friendly engine helping in cross-platform game development.


For creating such exciting cross-platform game development, please get in touch with Juego Studios. We, at Juego Studios, ensure that you receive the best-in-class cross-platform game. Juego Studios have seasoned game developers who have hands-on experience in creating top-grade mobile games using cross-platform engines.

We have collaborated with numerous Fortune 500 companies in the past and continue with renewed vigor. If you are interested to know more about such interesting facts and stories about gaming, do visit our portfolio.

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