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By Juegostudio | Game Development | April 8th, 2020

Why do you need to outsource your Mobile Game Development?

Why is Mobile Game Outsourcing is a big deal? Why is it a booming 68.5 billion dollar market and why are investors digging deep into the mobile gaming market? It is because of the potential that it has created over the past few years.

Mobile Gaming has been witnessing a rapid growth since its association with instant games and investors are recognising the prospective sweep that it could create.

According to a recent article published by techjury, 21% of Android and 25% of iOS apps downloaded are games.

Mobile Game Development can be a complex process that requires tremendous effort and dedication. Apart from that it is also a continuous process. For argument’s sake, if you are publishing a mobile game there are aspects other than development which requires undaunting attention like researching, marketing, feedback analysis etc.

If so, why spend all your focus on development and lose valuable time that can be invested in an equally beneficial division? Segregating your job and outsourcing the mobile game development part often could be a smart option, not just in the times of hanging deadlines.

But especially when you want to divert focus on equally important dimensions of game publishing. Let’s hold a wider lens to the benefits of outsourcing Mobile Game Development, and its impact on your business.

Top 6 Reasons why mobile game development outsourcing is a good option?

It would always seem a good idea to have an in-house creative team that would dedicatedly work on a project and help you supervise better. However, though this could be true in a few industries, it may not hold the balance straight in the case of  gaming and animation.

Mobile game outsourcing is a labour intensive process as well as cost-involving and one needs to strike the right balance between the two to avoid tripping over them.

Game development, on a more feasible and larger scale, is best left to experienced professionals who are familiar with the pressure and hiccups involved. What are the reasons that outsourcing works best for mobile game development?

  • Adept to various units of development 

Mobile Development companies have a well organized team of expert, skillful professionals proficient with multitude of concepts and technologies .

It is not always guaranteed that you could have the same expertise or diverse skills in an in-house team. Having a great pre-production, designing, post-production and testing team in-house can cost you higher.

When you hire a Game Development Company to serve you the purpose, you get a reliable and highly experienced team of mobile game developers whom you can fall back on for any technical loopholes. Being well-versed in an extensive range of projects other than yours, add on to their versatility to handle any kind of technical set-backs.  

  • Eliminates over-head costs 

While maintaining an in-house department, the expenses on hiring, training and maintaining a great team cannot be compromised with and which in the long run would cost a company a lot.

Other than hiring services, outsourcing allows you to cut down on extra baggage like training and maintenance. By hiring a Mobile Game outsourcing company you gain the liberty to choose the desirable package within your budget.

This is a cost-effective solution for mobile gaming that helps you map down the process of mobile game production more efficiently. It also leverages your possibility of having lower risk in revenue resourcing.

  • Process determination and workflow 

These are responsible to direct the course of action in any kind of development. They also determine if the development process is aligning with the blueprint, or would it meet the deadline.

While you hire people in-house, you must have an operational workflow for easy communication and advancement without a glitch. In the absence of which the complete process is a disrupter and remains incomplete.

In case these seem too time consuming, mobile game outsourcing is the best option to get. Choose the right outsourcing partner with careful assessment and discuss the plan with them before the agreement.

  • Adherence to cross-platform development 

The market demands efficiency in a limited period of time. Time is money and cross-platform development fulfills all the criteria of conduct. If you are thinking about hiring someone in-house, you need to particularly focus on the individual’s cross-platform game development abilities and flexibility to out-perform.

Whether IOS or android, your developer should be skillful enough to obtain results for both. In this case, the challenge is to find a mobile game developer who can juggle with both the platforms and at times, even web-browser game development.

Thus, it stands as a wiser and easier solution to hire a firm with diverse skill teams than a single developer with multiple skill sets.

  • Quality Assurance 

Amidst all the pre-production and the production, quality assurance is the inevitable key factor.  Nobody wants to end up with bugs and distorted mobile games and if you want assured risk-free content, an expert quality assurance team is a must.

When you outsource your development, you are shaking hands with a reliable, secure and safe end product. That is a commitment that a Mobile Game Development firm provides, unasked.

  • Marketing heeds 

The stalwarts in mobile game development are not just technical experts with a few games up their sleeves. They are ace players in the industry with a deep awareness of the market trends and customer expectations.

Most of the veteran firms are capable of providing assistance and guidance in the promotion and marketing of the developed game. It is always a good option to partner them in the pre and post launch scenarios and gather some insights.

If you are still contemplating the pros and cons of outsourcing your Mobile Game Development, scroll through our Game Development services page where you can gain valuable insights about the entire process.

You may also call us for discussion/consultation and our team would be guiding you through. Juego Studio has evolved to be a renowned name in the directory of the gaming industry and assures quality, reliability, and exemplary assistance throughout the entire game development and production process. So, in case you are on the lookout for the ideal game development partner, you are in the right place! 

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