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Why Outsource Game Development to India?

Outsource game development is growing rapidly globally in past few decades. In order to manage the development cost, the companies do outsourcing from country like China. But in recent times, India has also emerged as a very feasible option for game outsourcing. A survey by Deloitte proclaims, “More than one-third (35 percent) of survey respondents say they already measure the value of innovation in their outsourcing relationships.

In response to the increasing emphasis on delivering value beyond cost savings, service providers are rapidly evolving into innovation centres with the aim of creating improvement opportunities for their clients.”

Sankal Kite King - Outsource Game Development by Juego Studios

Outsource Game Development by Juego Studios

Games on other hand are being more ambitious day by day in terms of graphics, gameplay, quality and realism. This growth in terms of graphics and quality often pushes the game development cost higher and this increasing cost of outsource game development drives the best game developers to outsource the game mechanics.

Outsource to India looks promising today as in India companies provide highly skilled workforce in lower cost compare to other countries. Not only the lower cost, outsourcing helps to have a large group of talents for key production process and they don’t have to pay them for entire development process.

Boogie Bot Game - Outsource Game Development by Juego Studios, Top Android Game Developers

Outsource Game Development by Juego Studios

From a different perspective, outsourcing to India also helps Indian game developers to receive the exposure in a bigger field and to explore more. According to NASSCOM, “Indian gaming industry is close to $890 million and there are over 100 game development organizations in India already.” The emerging gaming development market is growing rapidly in Asia Pacific region with 37.9% market share in 2016.

India has demonstrated creative and technical skills to meet the needs of international game developments’ needs with an affordable cost. One more factor is the communications is ease with Indian teams and a highly talented population of youth in India is choosing their career as game developers.

Rama Guardian of the Flame - Developed by Juego Studios, Outsource Game Development in india

Game Developed by Juego Studios, Best Outsource Game Development Company

With the large number of talented youths, the task can be distributed in many that are time consuming. It is better to offload the tasks rather than putting the whole pressure on someone internally. This implies that high and complex art can be done in short time. This practice helps to develop any game faster. To cut down the critical path of developing game more assets can be developed parallelly.

These factors help to rank India as one of the best gaming outsourcing countries and NASSCOM’s game developers’ conference, their motto is to “Bring to the forefront the exciting gaming ecosystem that exists in India.”


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