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By Juegostudio | Game Development | July 15th, 2020

Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5 : The next generation Game Battle Grounds

The gaming industry has been witnessing unprecedented growth globally over the last few years making it a whopping billion dollar revenue market. Technology has created large dents in every walk of life and gaming has been no exception. With advanced graphics, the advent of augmented and virtual realities, gamers are enjoying a real life experience. Game development in recent times enables players to have more active involvement and experience as compared to simple games in the past. If you are into gaming, the names of Xbox or Playstation definitely would not be a surprise. The gaming battle ground has been set for an intense competition between the two tech giants – Microsoft and Sony who are all set to launch the Xbox Series x and Playstation5 during the same time window.

Need for Next Generation Consoles – Backward Compatibility

When it comes to purchasing a new gaming machine, two questions that naturally arise are – the need to buy a new gaming machine and the compatibility with older titles. Given the brand trust that Sony has built over the years, it would be a tough challenge for Microsoft to deal with issues of backward compatibility that could make gamers reluctant to opt for a new machine altogether irrespective of how exclusive or catchy the titles and games or graphics might appear to be. PS5 has been revealed to be compatible with older versions such as PS4. However, you need to research more on compatibility before making an actual purchase.

New gaming consoles however bring with them advanced features which tend to attract customers and one such feature is real-time ray tracing that is an advanced technique of rendering light available solely on high-end gaming machines.

What Makes the Battleground Intense?

As is the story of most other industries, the success of a firm in the gaming industry also depends primarily on a few factors – better and strategic marketing, the width and breadth of the distribution network, or be its exclusivity in terms of titles for launch. A key factor often is the trust that a brand has already built that makes it a strong ground for existing players to stick to their brand. This makes it extremely difficult for another firm to pull customers unless they have a perceivably stronger portfolio.

Although Sony PS4 came out to be the clear winner dominating the Microsoft Xbox one earlier, the fight between the two tech mammoths is now expected to be more intense with the advanced next generation console from Xbox Series x. It is not easy to predict a clear winner unless all the specifications are officially released; however, a sneak peek into some of the specifications of the two powerful gaming machines could hint at who’s going to dominate the market.

Demand Pull – Push Mechanism

A firm that clearly realizes the gap in terms of demand in the market is better able to fulfill customer demands – in the gaming industry, however, the demand often does not exist but is rather created. This gives immense power to technology and design. The right design and technology can make a huge difference and help tap into the vast ocean of opportunities through consumer experience. This not only requires correct analysis of the market trends and consumer preferences but also commands a substantial amount of R&D activities to come up with striking features and competitive designs that should give an edge over the competition. With the two tech giants with significant technological prowess and massive investment capabilities, one could easily understand the battle ground would not be quite easy.

Which One Is More Suitable for You – Play Station5 or Xbox Series X:

Although all the specifications have not yet been revealed, the below list can prove to be extremely beneficial for you if you are planning to invest in one of these next generation gaming consoles.

  • Performance and Speed –  While Sony is going for an improved SSD that enables higher complexity and more dense packages, Microsoft has been emphasizing its GPU front aiming at higher FPS. SSD has received a lot of emphasis during recent times owing to superior load rates and faster performance.
  • Console and Controller Design – A curvy white finish sporting a small black core with a stylish blue indicator light that runs from the top to the bottom of the front end of the console lends an extravagant design to the PS5. The Xbox Series x, on the other hand, comes with a sporty tower-like look which could also be easily kept sideways to fit into the gaming space of your home.

The Xbox controller design is expected to embed a much sought-after sharing button in order to easily capture screenshots and videos. The PS5, on the other hand, would have a dual-tone body color controller illuminated with light to give it a sporty look overall.

  • Virtual Reality – Although the PS5 should be compatible with the PlayStation VR headset, there has not been any confirmation for the same. Xbox Series x, on the other hand, is not expected to carry VR integrated capabilities with this next generation console. Virtual Reality has been a game changer in recent times. Juego Studios has a team of extremely talented game developers and designers, who use the latest state of the art technology to build advanced games with AR and VR technologies.
  • Exclusive Game Titles – While the spread of games that Playstation5 would be hosting comprises Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman: miles Morales, Microsoft has planned to come up with a bigger wildcard – The Halo Infinite title.

Should You Buy the New Gaming Consoles?

The gaming world is witnessing newer and better technological innovations through superior gaming designs and advanced controls coupled with enhanced visual capabilities and stunning sound effects. With all the new technological breakthroughs, the entire gaming experience has been reaching new levels breaking past expectation barriers and setting higher standards. If you are a professional gamer or enthusiastic about games, the latest gaming consoles are definitely worth your time and investment. The overwhelming genre of features is undoubtedly going to leave an enjoyable gaming experience.

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