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With years of experience we make sure that our gamification solutions are well geared to cater to the ever evolving needs of banking and financial Industry, backed by legacy, new & emerging technologies and aesthetically designed solutions, to engage customers and solve business and operational problems.

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  • Whether it is local banks or large international multi-faceted financial institutions, it is imperative for organizations to create and offer new products & services every year to engage their existing and new customers.
  • Technology enabled solutions like gamification & visualization, offer new lexicon in financial marketing.
  • For many customers, banking activities are mundane chores, but gamification banking transforms them into exciting, interesting and enjoyable activities.
  • Juego Studios offers gamification solutions to enable banks and other financial institutions to engage with their customers, offer personalized services and to convey information about them.

Customer Engagement:

We have developed a gamified application for one of the largest banks in middle east, to engage their customers. The app helps customers to know about the bank’s banking procedures through informative engagement of customers. Every bank comes up with new deals, offers and products every year. With gamification we help them to convey this information in an engaged way to their customers.

IoT Enabled Solutions:

Today in this smart world, everything is connected with each other through IoT. In this intelligent system IoT data is being saved on cloud and helps to connect billions of devices. Juego Studios offers IoT based solutions to the banking and financial industry to enable them to provide secure & seamlessly connected services and products to their customers. Come and build digital banking system for your customers with us.

Advanced Training System:

Juego Studios offers visualization of training processes for employees. Using various devices like smartphones, desktops and virtual reality enabled devices, we offer banking game to better engage and train employees. Starting from legacy banking processes to new product launches, we offer banking games to enable learning in an interesting and engaging manner. By using game elements like points, badges, scoreboards and rewards we make sure that training in banking and financial services is not only engaging but also has the participants’ attention.


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