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Large enterprises and corporations often need to conduct compliance and procedural training for new employees. Trainers need methods to impart complex information effectively and also evaluate and assess the employees’ progress, in order to ensure that standards are maintained uniformly. While this type of training is extremely important, most employees have difficulty completing their certification as the process of learning is often difficult and time-consuming. Gamification training simulations are a great way to package complex content into interactive visual modules which can be easily understood by novices. Realistic simulations and visuals can make dry content interesting while enabling better understanding and memory retention. This is especially true for manufacturing and production enterprises, where knowledge of machinery is crucial for every employee. Training simulation apps can also have integrated modules for managers to assess the degree of the employee’s understanding, making for a more effective training process overall.

Juego Studios developed a training simulation application for a large pharmaceutical company to instruct their new employees in the tablet manufacturing process. The simulation gives a detailed explanation of the machines and processes involved in the production of tablets. The purpose of the training is to eliminate mistakes and enforce adherence to cleanliness and hygiene standards on the production site.


The application was developed for iOS, Android and Windows devices.


Unity3D Game Engine


Comprising modules for both, the trainee and the application is designed to recreate a virtual experience of the production environment. The application simulates the operation of various machines involved in tablet manufacturing and production. The simulation is aimed at training employees in tablet manufacturing process like milling, crushing, grinding and pulverization.


This is a view-only portion of the training where the user watches a simulation that explains the running of the machines and the compression process from beginning to end.


In this section, users can access detailed information about each part of the machines.


In this mode, the user can ask any questions they have about the process and receive answers.

The simulation is targeted at training novices about new equipment and also for training freshers. The video simulation is about 10 minutes long, while the entire training module lasts for 45 minutes. To simplify the evaluation process by trainers, the application features integrated evaluation and report modules as well as system enabled performance tracking based on user activity.

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