Augmented Reality technology is changing the way people buy products. It is an emerging technology that could provide the answer to this tech world. Augmented Reality has the potential to influence the world of retail, a lot of companies believe that more investment is required in these technologies to ensure that they play a more pivotal role in their shopping experience.

Jimmy Jazz is an AR shopping app for fashion apparels and accessories. You can view the products virtually without visiting a store and before you make a purchase.

Primarily, 77% of buyers abandon their carts before completing a purchase. This shows that retailers must do much more to convince customers to go ahead with their choice and buy items online.


  • Users can view the items in the market through the App and they can try it in Augmented reality. It offers a real-time shopping experience
  • Can get a variety of items for particular locations
  • Jimmy Jazz keeps a track of user’s details in order to find their interest
  • Push notification service for notifying a user when there is a new product added to the market or in the market
  • It allows you to share your experience with friends and family via social media network


There were a couple of challenges with regards to working with the database connection. We faced difficulty to find the source of data. Along with that, there were some issues in showing escape characters along with the product name. Lastly, there were Android keyboard related issues, regarding staying input field on the screen always.


Our team worked efficiently in resolving database issues by using credentials and made a call to the database host from the terminal. The second issue was resolved from the Unity end. We edited the data coming from the server in order to avoid escape character.

Lastly, we updated the Android SDK and Android manifest file so that the input field is freezed.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Shopping App

  • Users can virtually visualize the products they want to purchase online
  • Customers can explore an array of virtual showrooms
  • It gives its customers reasons to visit your store
  • New levels of in-store engagement
  • It makes the experience more appealing to consumers and boosts sales

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