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Give Your World a 3D Touch – A powerful 3D map development services for gaming, AR/VR and small cities and buildings.

Today’s world everyone depending on data to plan, forecast and strategizes the business. So data got more value and data collection, data analysis increased a lot to support decision making process. Huge data points are creating lot of reports and reading through these reports time consuming and tedious. With data visualisation tool we can crave an ever simpler approach to look and understand the data quick and easy.

Data visualisation help you to understand the data by look without reading.

Juego Studios built a 3D Map for data visualization an ever simpler approach to look and understand the data. The objective is to visualise and analyse the data from several sources to  improve the individual prediction and of every business decision. To begin we build linear relationship in the data in order to comprehend the concept easily based on customer needs. Depending on the client how much information they need to consume at any certain point we build system accordingly. We use Python to process the data as system readable format  if client information is not possible to load directly in to the system.

Live & Interactive Data Visualisation on 3D Map

Based on the input data provided application generate dynamic 3D map at real-time with option to apply filter on need basis. Application is flexible enough processing 3rd party data and own custom data. Data Visualization framework provided various filters with customization option for the end user. With multiple data filters like city, gender, area, population etc… application makes life easy in reading data in less time and support decision making.

Among the toughest decisions with any interactive is to discover the appropriate balance between making something that’s user-friendly, simple to share and simple to comprehend. Juego Studio will work with you to build custom application that combine everything together and also obtain an unbelievably rich data visualization.

Build Custom 3D Maps

Indoor 3D Maps

Indoor 3D maps offer convenience and enjoyable experience to all the employees, students, customers, and the staff of the building or the campus. Simple upload an indoor map in your website and let people find their way with ease.

Cloud Native 3D Maps

Our Cloud Native 3D maps offer high performance and offer real-time streaming of maps and location data. The maps can be integrated across the web, desktop mobile, etc.

3D Maps for VR and Gaming

Using our 3D maps SDK you can develop location-based games and more immersive worlds including VR games. When you combine our 3D maps with Unity game engines, the outcome games are robust.

Benefits of Juego Studio 3D Map Data Visualiser

A visually interactive way of reflecting upon everyday responsibilities. Holding the hands of Augmented Reality or Visual Reality, doesn’t bind us with the virtues or gaming and animation, but it also aids to highly operational linear entities spread across various sectors of distinct industries.

  • 3X faster rendering
  • Flexible System
  • Easy to Host on AWS/Azure or Client-Server
  • Multiple Data Point customization
  • Cost Effective
  • Shorter Turnaround time
  • Data Safety

Industries we Serve

An idea or a design uplifts innovation. Innovation emerges as a solution and promotes technology. We all are a part of something massive as the universe and unfolding tiny, miniature questions would lead us to create meaningful marvels in life. 3D mapping that started as a gaming technology has been an efficient articulating other purposes of any other industries. Anatomy or Engineering, Astronomy to security, the technology has been beneficial for the generation. Which are the industries that we cover in this sphere?

Custom 3D sub game

Internet of Things

The world is changing rapidly with the alignment of smart phones to smarter people, we need the boon of some smarter technologies.

3D Mapping equips us to construct a thread of opportunities like mapping concept designs in or outside your home.

Real time 3D detailed view for instant decision-making, security, monitoring locations etc.

All comes under easy visual accessibility of a terrain or flat surface just in the palms of your hand.

Retail Industry

The retail market is all about enhancing customer experience. With 3D mapping, you could make decisions that are in the best interest of your customers and you.

Management and organizational, administrative and even on floor reinforcements. It would help in product placement, known the current demand of customers, navigate them to find a product, locating shops and strengthen security.

It would also help you accumulate customer details from a broad perspective.

VR technology in retail industry
VR simulation in Real Estate

Real Estate Industry

The 3D mapping technology has been proved to be extremely valuable for the Commercial Real Estate industry. It is bring down operational cost, designing 3D blueprints of buildings and towers, saves time, simplifying customer and merchant interaction.

This technology would also provide a wider picture about the surroundings and neighborhood. Sophisticated tools and impressive instrumentation of resources are leveraging business is also one such indicator that the technology brings out.

Transport Industry

Be it classifying locations or traveling to local destinations, it all gets easy by depending over 3D Mapping. There are a wide range of ifs that could resolve.

Directional preferences over remote locations can be simplified. The best part, optimize your requirement as per the situational reference.

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