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Whether it is for web apps or for mobile cross-platform apps, Juego Studio is an AngularJS Development Company which pioneers in the development of robust solutions using AngularJS. AngularJS is one of the best technologies in building data-driven, CRUD single page applications. We prefer AngularJS because we thoroughly understand the potential of object-oriented programming language. We are fully aware that for a web app and cross-platform mobile app and game development AngularJS is the best option.

Our AngularJS Development Services

Juego Studios has an extensive range of service offerings in AngularJS development. Our developers are seasoned in working with all types of solutions in the AngularJS framework. Our broad range of services includes:

  • AngularJS web application development
  • AngularJS app development
  • Custom AngularJS development
  • User interactive app development
  • Custom components and user interface
  • Plug-ins development
  • Plug-ins development
  • Website interface and development
  • App interface and development
  • Migration services
  • Interactive dashboard development
  • Custom widget development
  • Enterprise development
  • Interactive real time apps
  • Social and interactive apps
  • E-commerce application development
  • AngularJS consulting
  • Backend and Dashboard Development

Benefits of Using AngularJS

  • It has all things necessary for front-end development. Developers needn’t worry about other structures or modules and can build data-driven web applications using this JavaScript framework easily.
  • AngularJS uses declarative programming which in essence means that the developer tells the system what to do and needn’t worry with how it is actually being done.
  • It is highly secure and the coding required is less. The construct and the design is intuitive and simple to grasp and hence it is perfect for any Ajax-based or single page application(SPA).
  • It is a Javascript MVC framework which is very simple and quick to begin with. All you need to get started is to add a few elements in the HTML. It enhances HTML and helps to pull out the controller function and in building dependency between controller and template.
  • Web developers hail this framework because it is robust, easy to use and maintain and has spontaneous features. Building web applications using AngularJS is hassle-free, straightforward and quick.
  • Usually developers are in need of a framework that can assist any new elements that one can add to the already existing code base. They have found great satisfaction in AngularJS in this regard. To learn more about AngularJS frameworks, read on – Top AngularJS Frameworks for web app development.
  • The Javascript objects follow the model-view-view-model(MVVM) and MVC design in AngularJS. Everything in the MVVM pattern is communicated across the UI whenever anything changes. This eliminates the need for wrappers, setters and class declarations and AngularJS handles all of this very effectively.
  • The speed of development is high due to the virtue of modular and highly scalable code. It is developed by Google and it has made the framework very efficient. Due to this, the code base can scale with your activities.
  • Code re usability is possible by features like dependency injection and angular routing. Angular routing ensures that even if you have a SPA(Single page application) you can navigate to different pages in your application with no preloading whatsoever.

Why choose Juego Studios for AngularJS development?

  • We use ionic framework which is the most happening framework for building, deploying, testing and monitoring mobile apps. With ionic we can develop a mobile application and host it on various platforms like Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. No development is needed for individual platforms. This has saved precious development time.
  • Our forte in AngularJS development involves in developing all browser and device compatible websites which are highly user friendly.
  • We house seasoned developers in our team who strictly conform to international coding guidelines, standards and quality standards.
  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • You can expect hassle-free and effortless integration with other codes and APIs.


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