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Augmented reality holds immense potential to create ground-breaking experiences in gaming and entertainment. An AR game development company with vast experience in reality technologies, Juego Studios designs and develops fun and exciting AR games for mobile, smart glasses and headsets. Our team of expert AR game developers have experience creating AR products for various platforms, from simple geo-location based games for mobile devices, to high-end FPSs with smart glasses support.

AR game design for multiple platforms

As one of the top augmented reality game companies in the industry, we build exciting games for a range of AR platforms.

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  • Geo-location games

    The most popular genre in augmented reality game development, geo-location games like like treasure hunts and quests allow players to move through the real world and discover virtual clues and objects via their smart devices.

  • AR FPS games

    The thrill of the first-person shooter gaming experience is enhanced with AR features that superimpose virtual obstacles and enemies over immediate physical environments.

  • AR-based RPGs

    AR adds another level of immersion to role playing games. Take players on quests to real-world locations to fight monsters and assassins, discover hidden treasure through cameras and collect virtual objects.

  • Sports games

    Sports themed augmented reality games are extremely popular. Our skilled augmented reality developers can create fun and exciting AR games that let users play sports like basketball, football, soccer and cricket wherever they are.

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  • World-class design:

    We have a team of artists, designers & AR app developers who specialize in creative augmented reality game design and know how to add elements and features to make gameplay as interesting as possible.

  • Development with a variety of tools:

    We work with the right SDK for your project depending on the functionality required - 3D tracking, smart glasses support, geolocation etc. Our AR game developers are skilled at augmented reality mobile game design using popular tools likeARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, ARToolkit and Wikitude etc.

  • Hassle-free development:

    With skilled talent, dedicated project management, complete transparency, affordable rates and timely delivery, we rank among the best augmented reality game developers in the industry.

Juego Studio: Augmented Reality App Developer in United States, India, Saudi Arabia

Looking for AR game developers to build a brand new AR game from scratch? Want to add AR features to an existing game? Get in touch with us today.

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