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We’re a team that has developed AR & VR games and other applications for clients from around the world. In AR,  using marker-based, marker-less, and location-based technologies, Juego Studio has developed games and other interactive applications. And in VR, we have created games, training simulations, marketing, and promotional tools, and more. Furthermore, being a top AR/VR development company, we use advanced game engines and development tools like Unity3D, Unreal, ARkit, Vuforia, ARCore, WebXR, etc.


Why the UX is paramount in AR/VR industry?

Be it a site or a web app, the design should be user-centric. Creating seamless and effortless navigation is the key to centering all usability on the user. The lack of an engaging UX will result in customers losing their interest in it. With that in mind, let us see how UX is at the heart of AR/VR development. That being said let us see how UX is at the heart of AR/VR developments

Intuitive and Interactive

In AR/ VR, you have the ability to convey things without using words. You can create intuitive designs and UI elements that communicate effectively with the user. This makes it a key factor that can be used to create a more amazing experience for the user.

Developing the Design Eco-System

The UX is a key factor in creating stunning designs for your AR/VR application. Because VR and AR devices like Oculus Rift create a new world of reality. To make these virtual worlds feel like the real one, every element that the user experiences must be of perfect quality.

Engaging Experience

Designers make it their prerogative to create exceptional and engaging user experiences in AR and VR. Thanks to the research and innovations in the AR/VR industry, it is now possible to create UI/ UX that engages multiple senses and immerses the user even more.

Task Automation

AR and VR apps run on user-centric technologies. In these technologies, we have the possibility to automate tasks with the aid of UI. And thus we can make user interaction within the game or the app much easier. As a result, users will have a far better experience.

Some applications of AR and VR


AR and VR can transform how your company operates. By creating virtual training applications, you can save both time and money as well as improve the safety of hazardous jobs. Juego Studios has developed an RFID pipe simulation application to train the employees on drilling operations with safety measures. The application involves placing RFID tags on the pipes and a VR walkthrough of the whole process. Imagine how convenient it would be if military training could be given virtually. One can model a virtual warzone and let army recruits experience it profusely. That way in real combat, soldiers can fight expertly by gauging the maneuvers of opponents.

Virtual Tours

AR and VR will revolutionize the travel and tourism industry. If mere virtual forests and parks look so captivating to us, imagine what virtual rendition of real-world places using AR and VR can do. Virtual visits to famous destinations and places will give us a more satisfying feeling than any other. People could visit the world wonders in far off locations, see famous art galleries, and see the wonders showcased in the world’s best museums, all without stepping foot out of the house. Virtual tours are already famous in the real-estate sector. Many already provide walk-throughs that detail everything about a property, which people can see using Virtual Reality.

Online Shopping

Contrary to popular perception, e-commerce companies find it difficult to make profits. One of the primary reasons for this is that the user never gets a real-world feel of the product. But with the help of AR and VR devices, the user will be able to do so. By seeing it first-hand, users can make a better judgment about their purchases.


Your business meetings can be conducted and enhanced with virtual and augmented reality technology. One can hold important business meetings with people from different locations of the world using VR, while still feeling as if the meeting is conducted in a shared space, thus eliminating many expensive business travels.





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