Unity Game Development with Visual Studio for mac

By juegoadmin | Unity Game Development | August 31st, 2021

Advantages of Employing Unity Game Development with Visual Studio for Mac

There is no competition when it comes to the best gaming engine because Unity tops the chart! Unity is widely used by game developers and game designers.

The tool is designed in such a way that it has multiple features that allow unity game developers to design games like Kerbal Space Programme and Wasteland 2 that give the users an exceptional gaming experience. Unity permits game designers to craft games that stand out from the rest. Unity has a wide range of features, beginning from 3D Modellings to speedy rendering. This makes it an ideal tool for building games that are highly flexible and versatile in nature. No debate is required; Unity is definitely the finest.

However, when we rewind back to 2017, most unity game developers considered being non-user-friendly on MacOS. Yes, there did exist a version of Unity that was completely functional for MacOS. But the default IDE, MonoDevelop and other such shortcomings made it difficult for unity game developers to design games in an effective manner. This is when Microsoft bounced in as a saviour. The tech monster delivered a devoted and completely practical Integrated Development Environment or IDE, Visual Studio for Mac, which can be deployed to run Unity on Mac alone. Soon many developers switched to Visual Studio from MonoDevelop as they found it to be extremely user-friendly with advanced functionality and features. This new tool quickly became a saviour to all game developers and this marked the start of designing mobile games with rich features. Since then, Microsoft began to deliver many rousing updates of Visual Studio for Mac.

Today, we are quickly going to cover the benefits of using Visual Studio on Mac and it is one of the best IDE’s to run on Mac. Let’s check out

Top 5 Benefits of Using Unity Game Development with Visual Studio for Mac:

  • Debugging:

Unity game development with Visual Studio as an IDE for Mac is built on a simple one click debugging assumption. This single click debugging premise turned out to be highly efficient and reduced time consumption. Another additional feature was that all game developers with Visual Studio could quickly identify and remove bugs and make the entire code error-free. With the Visual Studio debugger, developers can step up the code by setting their breakpoints.

  • Easier Navigation:

Whenever a unity game developer switches to a new IDE the hardest part for them is to probably navigate through the different elements present in it. However, it’s the exact opposite with Visual Studio. The developers of Visual Studio have designed it in such a way that it is similar to Unity and this has made it easier for all the game developers to find all the elements.

Since the platform is similar to Unity, it now makes it easy for all game developers to develop their games. With a similar interface, there’s absolutely zero learning curve. Since the entire file structure is similar to Unity, finding scripts and all your projects will now be hassle-free.

  • Quicker Restructuring and Refactoring:

We all know that designing a game is not a simple task. Even a small gaming project has multiple lines of codes for all of its different modules and it’s completely natural to have some alterations in the code written for the project. At times, people who are assigned to work on a particular project may be shifted to another project. The new developer assigned to the project may want to restructure the process and this for altering the code as well.

Luckily enough, refactoring and restructuring in Visual Studio is quite an easy process. The IDE of Visual Studio has a wide range of in-built refactoring options that makes it easier for all game developers to alter the code according to their preferences. Visual Studio has an independent Quick Fix tab that allows game developers to perform all alterations without the need to rewrite the code manually. It has multiple options that include;

  1. Converting to Protected Partial
  2. Convert to Protected Internal Partial
  3. Converting to Static Method
  4. Convert to Internal Partial
  • Intellisense for Messages

For all those developers, who have worked on Unity before, you must be aware of what Unity messages are. They are nothing but a few methods that need to be executed from time to time in order to perform some operations. Initially, the developers were forced to memorize the signatures for every message and the process was getting extremely strenuous. With Visual Studio around, you can retain your tranquillity! There’s literally no need for developers to memorize signatures. Intellisense will make use of its features and auto-complete the Unity messages, thereby saving you time and effort!

  • Version Control

Another interesting feature of Visual Studio is that it offers Version Control. It is a dedicated space that allows game developers to manage, save and organize their files under multiple versions. Another perk is that the whole game development team gets to access a single file at the same time all in one place. The version control also offers a version history option that shows individuals about every revision made in the project. Since it helps in recording the history of the project it makes it easier for the developers who start working on the project, they can quickly trace the points and start their project from there.

In conclusion, we do know that the IDE that a game developer uses has an enormous influence on mobile game development. With an IDE like Visual Studio, you will have access to a wide range of features that make Visual Studio a perfect option to make the perfect game of your choice. Visual Studio’s interface is precise in nature and ensures accuracy in game development. Visual Studio is your one-stop solution for Unity.


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