Unlocking the Power of Animation Outsourcing Services


The demand for animation services grows by the day as the technology evolves. The expressive and limitless creative flexibility in animation is useful to various industries, and an intricate part of the gaming industry. But this technical art is expensive to execute. Software and technology involved, the time required, the complexity of the project, the skill of the artist, and their location- altogether influence the overall cost.

By outsourcing the service, the expense of animation can be significantly minimized. This is what makes outsourcing animation services an attractive choice among clients from all over the world. The advantages and access to diverse and global talents make this a great solution.
Let us delve deeper into what makes animation outsourcing a powerful way to streamline game development.

Understanding animation outsourcing

Outsourcing is the practice of contracting specific tasks, services, and processes to third parties rather than handling them in-house. When the specific requirement is animation service, it is called animation outsourcing. Cost-effectiveness, specific expertise, higher productivity, and efficiency are some of the reasons behind opting for such services.
Animation outsourcing refers to delegating various types of service to a company or freelancer that has specialized expertise. The service is required in various industries like entertainment, real estate, education, marketing, and gaming. From concept development to rendering- all such services are provided through animation outsourcing.
The popularity is outsourcing primarily owes to the factor that some industries do not require it as a part of core services. Hence, hiring an external team temporarily is more feasible and cost-effective than seeking in-house employees.

How does animation outsourcing work?

The process of outsourcing starts when the client identifies a specialized service required and looks for ways to fulfill the need cost-effectively. The client looks for potential contractors, organizations, or freelancers who specialize in the service. Next comes the negotiation of the contract terms and once it satisfies and safeguards all the parties involved, the document gets signed.
The terms include every detail about team size, collaboration terms, delivery, payment details, quality metrics, intellectual property rights, security and confidentiality clauses, and so on. This hiring method is highly flexible and allows scaling the team as required in the future. Once the project is completed and there is nothing new, the association is terminated till requirements come up next time.

Benefits of animation outsourcing

From flexibility to hire the best talents globally to getting access to new technology in a more cost-efficient manner- animation outsourcing has several advantages. Here are some of the primary advantages that have added to the popularity of the service:


The first and foremost advantage of outsourcing animation is the cost-effectiveness of the process. The hourly rate of animation artists varies from one place to another. Apart from the geographic location, the experience and expertise of the artists also play a crucial role. Generally, the hourly rates in India, Philippines, China, and Australia are comparatively lower, making them a popular choice to get quality service at affordable rates. This means you get superior service from experienced artists at a significantly lower rate because of the location but the quality is uncompromized.

Diverse expertise and creativity

The hiring does not stay limited to a specific location when the client opts to outsource the requirement. They have the flexibility to hire experts from anywhere in the world. As a result, they can access the best experts for specific services globally. Thus, the quality of the project remains uncompromised. It can be better than the best if you find the right organization for the project. The access is not just in terms of technical prowess but also creativity. You get access to unique ideas from developers across the world, who are aware of the latest trends in the industry.


The requirements of the project may change with time. Accordingly, the team can be scaled when it is outsourced. You can easily increase or decrease the team size as per the project requirement, deadline, and budget constraint. This is not as easy when you have an in-house team at your service. Moreover, you have the flexibility to take help from an expansive network of top-notch animation artists to ensure you get uncompromized quality of the service. While hiring them in-house may be much more expensive, you can still take advantage of such expertise by getting an outsourced solution for specific projects.


With the help of a dedicated and expert team, streamlining the project development can be done in a time-efficient manner. The team can be scaled as per the requirement. If needed, the development can be done more aggressively to meet a tight deadline by increasing the manpower. Moreover, since the experts have very specific skills, and experience, they can execute the task more time-efficiently and will be more productive.

Access to specialized skills

Get access to services that require very specific skills. Occasionally you may need specialized assistance and skills for specific projects. Instead of hiring someone permanent and in-house, it is more cost-effective to outsource the task to specialized experts. This way, you can access unique skills but at significantly lower rates.

Types of Animation Outsourcing Services

Ranging from 2D to 3D, logo designing, and more- animation outsourcing services range over a diverse technical terrain. Outsourcing offers a diverse solution to bring your ideas alive in a cost-effective manner. The following are various types of animation outsourcing services that are popular:

3D animation

This is one of the most popular forms of animation service that creates three-dimensional and realistic content. This format is popular in various industries like gaming, advertising, product visualization, architecture, and so on. The service is suitable for creating hyper-realistic and stunning animations. The 3D animation services from a dedicated team are significantly cost-effective when you get an outsourced team for the project.

2D animation

The 2D animation service is another popular choice among clients. It is used to create cartoons, educational videos, and even advertisements. You get access to skilled artists who have a thorough understanding of drawing and rendering software alongside creativity. Especially in industries where such service is required for short-term projects, outsourcing is the wisest choice.

Game assets

Often even if there is an in-house team for animation, certain parts of the project can get outsourced for various reasons. It can be due to time constraints, lack of resources or skills as well as due to budget. Game assets are one sucnh element of game animation and development that is occasionally outsourced. This includes characters, weapons, textures, and even environment.

Flash animation

Flash animation is a great choice for web-based media and it is a perfect fit for presentation on a site or content for mobile and computer games. The service requires specialized skills in web-based technology to create computer games, applications, and web content. Most industries do not have such specialized professionals as a result outsourcing is the best solution.

Game trailer

One of the most popular reasons to outsource animation services is the creation of game trailers and similar short videos. These also include cut scenes, cinematics, and promotional materials. Outsourcing such services ensures the marketing is top-notch and uncompromised. At the same time, you can focus on the core tasks while the outsourced team takes care of the visual content needed for marketing purposes.

Tutorial/explainer video

Animation is becoming a trending technology to create engaging explainer videos and tutorials. It is suitable for creating concise ideas, services, and products. You will need experienced scriptwriters as well as animators who can convey the message as well as attract the target audience.

Commercial animation

Advertisement agencies have occasionally resorted to animation to get creative flexibility to depict the product in a fun manner. This includes TV commercials, online ads, promotional videos, etc. Animation allows creative license to the brand to depict their product creatively. These can leave a lasting impact on the potential consumers.

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AI in animation outsourcing

Artificial Intelligence has invaded various industries over the years. The animation outsourcing industry is no exception to this either. The industry is steadily getting transformed with the help of artificial intelligence as well. Animators use AI-driven tools to accelerate the rendering process. Such tools also often have a library of pre-designed assets to use, adding to the popularity of integrating the technology with animation tools and software. Artificial Intelligence when integrated with animation tools can be used to create characters, background design, lip-syncing, and more.


Animation outsourcing services are one of the popular options for various industries. It is a cost-effective way to get uncompromised services that render graphically detailed animation projects. Hiring an outsourced team gives flexibility to make your project stand out as well as tap into the global pool of talent within your budget.
Juego Studios is one of the top businesses offering augmented staffing and outsourcing solutions. Ranging from 2D animation to every type of relevant service, get access to skilled professionals who can make your project stand out in the industry.


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