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By Juegostudio | Game Development | May 11th, 2020

Augmented Reality: A Future Partner of Mobile Gaming

Gaming, Graphics, Visuals Immersion, and AR is companionship for the future of entertainment. The technique used by augmented reality can be briefly explained as an imitation of a 3D object and it’s a movement to possess realistic immersive effects. The presentation of these strategies through a personal smartphone lens can create a realistic illusion of extended imagination. The growth of AR application in relation to the gaming segment has closely to do with it’s power in deepening its impact on an individual’s cognition and heightened visuals. Globally being recognized across various gaming choices, the popularity of the partnership does not show signs of slowing down.

The Potential of Augmented Reality in Popular Games Such As:

Pokemon Go

The game rose to success solely or at least majorly due to the AR gifted influence and boundary expansion. Millions globally achieved a chance to test their imaginative strength and the execution of AR technology in its sphere is commendable. The competitive features through cross player battles and the realistic element of walking over to capture virtually created Pokemon Go are the setters of the game’s winning pedestal. Physical imprinting of Pokemon figures through AR, a smartphone with swipes to direct the game is the total constitution of the entire game.

The expansion across graphic platforms of the above game alone is a fine exception to the revenue generated by adopting AR. Users are thrilled by the dynamic introduction of traveling to new locations in and around their physical vicinity along with the social thrill of meeting other players competing with the Augmented immersion, and the experience generated is merely a product of the engagement between the real world and fictitious graphic enhancement by AR. The generation of this wonder machine has summed up to 1 billion dollars and the player count for this game is touching millions across borders. The power of AR is better communicated through the game’s sustainable popularity and favoring through the heavy criticism it received due to rising aggression and accident rates.

Games like Pokemon Go utilized AR at its initial stages and many other manufacturers have followed in hopes of remapping the success stones, the technology’s promising features and immersion capability are now being the top agenda of many gaming organizations. AR Chess games, shooting, and racing games have pushed the generic online 2D games backstage.

In conclusion, AR and gaming are a couple of thriving successes and business growth. Smartphone abilities and performance continue to expand as technological giants focus attentively on reshaping their boundaries. With the mode of engagement being rapidly upgraded, the potential and ability of AR technology can reach unimaginable and go further beyond previously and presently calculated possibilities.

Human and game exchanges could be something absolutely different and unique once the field of AR discovers its full potential. Augmented Reality, the technological steering, motoring one to social drives and satisfaction currently cannot be mimicked by any other software or tool, thus retaining it’s uniqueness and superiority.

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