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Decoding and Analyzing the Success of Candy Crush Saga

As you unravel deep down the success lanes of Candy crush saga, it may seem that this is a simple match-3 level game but once you put your hands in it , just to get a taste of it, then you find yourself neck deep in the candy crush saga, unable to shake it off your hands and head. Within a year of its release,’s casual game, Candy Crush Saga, is seemingly everywhere today, be it on Facebook, iOS App Store, and Android’s Google Play store. With 46 million average monthly users,the sweet candy saga has surpassed other android and iOS game developers across the world. And this simple candy thing has helped the UK based games publisher, King, to take over the prime position, from Zynga and EA. But the story of King is not that of a new found start up venture success neither an overnight success story with fairies wielding the magic wand. The firm, with Riccardo Zacconi at the helm as the man behind the candy, is going through its tenth birthday and is looking positively upwards to dominate the smart phone app market in the future.

But why are people so game for candy?

It is an undeniable fact that puzzles games from the age old Minesweeper to Tetris and Bejeweled, have always made millions of gamer’s its addicts, in a very enchantingly gripping manner. But how come a game which is truly a spiritual successor to Bejeweled and with no original style of game play or any other distinguishable special features, made it to the overwhelmingly top position in the App charts and revenue score? 

Simple yet sophisticated

The sugar-coated aesthetic design of the game along with a lot of love and attention to detail helped King and Candy Crush Saga to hit and stay forever in the hearts of the game’s enormous population of players. The game play is very slick and simple, that it never required enormous efforts to get started. With a lot of colors, an intuitive and inviting user experience teamed with a fun theme, Candy crush saga fitted promptly in to the gamers’ hearts, irrespective age or gender.

Enthralling but challenging too

The apparently simple game is very addictive in the sense that the gamer is unconsciously and unknowingly moving further in sync with the game strategy. Even the sounds, music effects and voice encouragements are refreshingly soothing. The vibrantly colorful candy pieces and boosts are tempting with dripping sweetness. Yet, behind these seductive enchantments, there is a challengingly competitive game play which ascends as you move up the levels .Passing by Level 15 and above of candy crush saga, you might have experienced a got a mixed taste of heaven and hell together. It is this constant challenge which retains experienced gamers and puzzle game aficionados stick to their favorite Candy forever.

Game play offers variety

Candy Crush saga offers its gamers a layer of thrilling excitement beneath the addictively challenging game strategy and storyline. The rules of the game do not overleap the game objectives at any level .And the player will be fully concentrated in matching the candies in all possible manners so as to move up further to the next level, exploring more intricate levels of game play.

Balanced storyline and social networking

One notable thing in Candy Crush Saga is its well designed and implemented game strategy which goes hand in hand with social networking. The game is very much viral in nature and successfully retains its player’s .It also offers deep-rooted social integration through Facebook. Yes, to be more specific, it requires that friends should have a mutual helping with each other to progress to the next level.

Platform synchronization

Candy Crush Saga was first released on April, 2012 for Facebook and is now the most popular game on the Facebook platform. One of the main reasons for its ever green popularity is that it synchronizes across devices. If one person is playing the games in his Facebook account at work, he can later resume the game in his iPad or some other tablet later at his home while at bed or while on the go. Yes, King is making sure that you can get to crush the candies anytime, anywhere you want.

Natural monetization through power-ups and lives

Candy crush saga is very engaging and addictive, making the players want more excitement as they move up the levels .And it very successfully pulls up a tight rope balancing act between free and freemium. Once you reach a certain level, you need to buy power-ups and lives to move up further in the game. The game very smoothly blends social motivators with individual gratification, building up a natural monetization structure. 

Each and every element of Candy Crush Saga is carefully constructed to make the player feel joy and excitement with each action. An ideal iPhone and Android game development company should focus on imbibing a specific model which bends well with the individual, social and monetary needs.

Candy Crush Saga is very finely polished but still very fun and light, making the players feeling more fresh and relaxing.

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