By juegoadmin | Facebook Games Development | March 29th, 2013

Juego Beginning a New Era with Facebook Games Development

Dethroning the existing game apps-Is Juego Studios beginning a new era in Facebook Games Development.

The success lies in the details and wide ranging of platforms it can contribute its immense talent to. A Game Development Studio can cut the throats of its own portfolio by developing competitive games over and over again. With Google, Apple and Facebook the premium platforms operating in cyberspace they rule the virtual world. Making them outshine is the solid game apps that have been introduced. As a premium Facebook Game Development Company, Juego Studio head quartered in Bengaluru, India provides the vital link between friends and strangers across the globe. Whether it is the endangered Farmville or cityville, the games on Facebook make users stay on it a little longer. The fact that users can play the games on their cellphones also makes the entire game experience more profound.

As a Facebook Games Development Company Juego brings a long history of valuable skills and infrastructure that supports new games keeping in mind the changing of technology. It is capable of dethroning its own set of games and bringing new versions for the players. It has enriched the game timeline of Facebook users. The difference between the mobile game apps and that of Facebook lies in the platform. It is easy to lure other players also and have a team sport online- on the PC or the tablet. And with the smartphone it is possible on the mobile screen as well. Any client who is looking to add value to the world’s best social networking website can ask for games to be developed at the Benguluru facility. They can hire Facebook Game Developers, keeping in mind that they have already made Top Facebook Games in the past. The studio also has state or the art facility for creating Facebook Game Art, which are appealing millions of net users in many languages worldwide.

Casual gaming is for the bored few net users. But for those who are logged on for hours, the Facebook Games can hook them for long. What makes a challenge for Juego Studios to continue to aggressively develop new games despite being dethroned often in their own game play? Facebook Game Development attracts large number of freelance developers too. It has more than 250 millions gaming people busy every month. The IOS is well connected to almost 55% apps including games with Facebook. Both Apple and Google drive the Facebook game development traffic with their devices. Some vital statics that is crucial for any game development company to remain on its throne of providing programs:

  1. Nearly 20% of facebook users play games. It has a potential to keep one busy for a longer time with intelligent games.
  2. There has been a 12% increase in game installations on Facebook since beginning of 2012.
  3. The game developers generated more than USD one million through the games.
  4. The total number of players has increased on the social networking site.
  5. Game developers took home more than USD 12 billions as they created smart puzzles and power packed games.
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