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By Juegostudio | App Development | August 28th, 2019

Fun Photo Apps with AR

Add a dash of fun to your monotonous life by turning it into a game with just a touch of a button. Your phone’s camera allows you to efficiently unlock new learning with the help of Augmented reality (AR) apps that overshadows thrilling digital content above the real things, leave behind ghosts or change your dining table into a snooker one.

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You must take a look at our list of the top AR Facial Apps to make life happening.




FaceApp became the hot favorite recently and went viral for its unique face transformation feature that makes you see how you’ll look 40 years later or 20 years younger. The app faced a little criticism over its privacy issues as the app scans the photo library and picks up the photos that have face in it. The app uses artificial intelligence to morph images.

Key Features

  • Unique filters like ‘look young’, ‘female face filter’ ‘Smile and Smile 2 – add a smile to the face’  and more.
  • Simple UI and image processing time is quite fast.





Instagram comes in head-to-head competition with the popular AR rival – Snapchat. Instagram has been in the market by almost a decade and it already has an extensive user base right after it came up with its face filters. There has been a bit of criticism that Instagram has been using Snapchat’s filters, on the contrary, it is a well-known photo-sharing network that capturing a huge market space in the social media world leaving far behind other face filter apps.

Key Features

  • Instagram filters are quite steady and perform better than other face filter apps.
  • It offers an in-build library quite similar to your iPhone camera effects.





Masquerade may look like an average face filter apps if you have a lot of similar apps on your smartphone. The app offers basic effects and it has not been updated for quite some time. Although, we all have tried MSQRD-Cinderella face filter at least once, which became the talk of the town overnight.

Masquerade Technologies, Inc. was founded back in 2015 with an ingenious concept of face tracking application – a fun face filter application. In 2016, Facebook overtook Cinderella’s story along with the company to silicon valley. Though the accusation amount has never been disclosed, we can certainly guess the fortune its founder made in less than a year. MSQRD is now refined and making process under the Facebook face filters brand name, but the original app undoubtedly deserves to be on the top spot.

Key Features

  • The only face filter app that stood as a direct competition to the giant Snapchat.
  • It was acquired by Facebook in March 2016.





The app is definitely not just confined to the Augmented Reality face filters. They have a feature that imitates you identically, named 3D emoji. B612 lets you play around with the Augmented Reality(AR) things that are in the app by placing them in your picture. It is surely fun! You can do a lot more like correct your face shape, apply makeup and much more with their beautification filters. Comparing to the other apps, B612 unbiasedly has a wide range of camera effects.

Key Features

  • In B612, you can change the background in real-time and enjoy the live emojis or gifs with the micro-expressions feature.
  • Your phone’s back camera can be used to put AR on real surfaces.





Well! The app doesn’t require any definition these days, we all know how immensely popular it has become lately. TikTok offers 15 seconds video-based concept and that’s what makes it different from the face filter apps. TikTok overtook in 2018 they acquired for a massive $1 billion along with its users in order to expand their user-base.

Not surprisingly TikTok holds the position for the “most downloaded” app in the App Store for the year 2018, in the US. You can show your creativity using its camera filters, and also it can be used for photo selfies. TikTok offers a lot of features like theme-based, even AR filters for cats and dogs, the list seems to be endless and not just restricting it to face filters.

Key Features

  • TikTok has theme-based face filters, filters for dogs and cats as well added in the app.
  • Face filters with triggers add a lot more fun to the app.
  • The app has a huge library of custom music that a person can make a video on, you can also custom your viewers who can see your content and add comments.


Face Swap



Ever wonder how you look if you swap your face with your friend’s, celebrity or any random person, more interestingly with the opposite sex? Well, if that excites you then you must try the Face Swap app. Guess what’s the icing on the cake? There is no need to upload your photos. All you need to do is, place two faces in the camera and see the magic, it will surely make you laugh out loud.

Key Features

  • Face Swap allows you to swap faces in real-time and also you can take a picture or a video and share it with your friends and loved ones.


Sweet Face Camera

sweet face camera


The Sweet Face Camera app is for the people who like to keep it simple and don’t want anything fancy but just nose and ear AR filters. The stickers load time is quite fast as it has limited yet amazing features. Though, the beautification features still need some improvement but the easy to apply filters will grab your attention in case you don’t wish to add a lot of objects in your original selfie.

Key Features

  • The UI is simple with a wide range of stickers to try on.


YouCam Fun

youcam fun

YouCam has proven to be a tough competitor to other face filter apps in the market. If you’re addicted to 3D and live face filters, then YouCam can be your best choice without a doubt. Bring the animal out of you, we aren’t saying it! It is an app that has an exceptional collection of animal face filters to keep you entertained. You can choose to be a tiger one day and then deer the other, it is always fun, right? 

You can manually apply the face filter by adjusting it on your face, click a picture and share it with your friends! 

Key Features

  • A wide range of face filters to choose, from animals to live stickers, this app has it all.
  • You can upload your photo and choose to post-process the existing ones.
  • The app is quite smooth and fast in detecting your face and applying the filters.


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To conclude

No matter if it’s a big organization or newbie startup, almost all of them use the same technologies like AR and face tracking, to create face filters and bring them to your smartphone. All these apps let you play with your face in a quite an exceeding way — from face filters to voice-overs and 3D emojis, they primarily focus on social sharing and promoting their brand name. 

The quality of face filters and range of effects people choose over one another is what makes them stand out from the rest.

Keeping in mind what people are looking for and what has been trending in the market, we, at Juego Studio are an experienced company to develop such AR apps that get your users’ attention and make it go viral overnight. If you’re looking to create one, do get in touch with us and we’ll take it forward from there.

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