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By juegoadmin | Game Development | August 15th, 2023

Top Gaming Companies in France

Choosing the right game development company is paramount if you want to develop a game of your own. Though there are several game studios you can approach to complete this endeavor, not all of them are reliable.

The location of the gaming studios is also essential. There are specific locations that have transformed into hubs of the gaming industry,

One among them is France. It is a prime location for many a game development company today. Numerous top gaming studios in France create exciting games that users love and adore.

Metrics to Look for When You Want to Go For a Game Development Company in France

  • Experience

The company’s experience is one of the most significant predictors of a game’s success. An experienced game company in France could create the game you want the way you want.

  • Portfolio

The portfolio is the most significant proof of what the company can deliver to you. Analyzing the portfolio of companies you are prospecting helps you glean valuable insights into what games they can develop and deliver.

  • Team Size

The size of the team is another signifier of quality. Usually, the bigger the team, the more quality they can handle. Huge teams will also have members from all domains of game development and can hence develop games of all scopes, end-to-end.

Top Game Studios in France

Now, let’s dive into some of the best gaming studios in France and see what makes them one of the best in the industry.

  • Juego Studios

Juego Studios is a top game development studio in France. The company has a team of 300+ that has developed 500+ projects since its inception in 2013.

The team at Juego is well-versed in creating games of multiple genres. Over the past few years, Juego has created games of genres such as RPG, MMORPG, Puzzle, Casual, Educational, etc. The team is also adept at creating games for multiple top gaming platforms like mobile, web, metaverse, blockchain, desktop, and consoles.

Juego is also adept at using top engines such as Unity and Unreal to create chart-topping output. The team has experts who have specialization in specific sub-domains of these engines and hence are able to create games of stunning quality that are on par with the best games in the industry.

The portfolio of Juego includes top games such as Medals of War, Super Club Soccer, Age of Gods, Lazy Horse, and many more. Juego also boasts an extensive clientele that includes numerous companies, including Fortune 500 companies. These include Disney, Animoca, Sony, Warner Brothers, and many more.

  • Oh BiBi Games

Oh BiBi Games is one of the top gaming studios in France. It was founded in 2012 by some developers who had previously worked in Ubisoft.

The company creates mobile games, with a particular focus on racing games. The games include Frag Pro Shooter, SUP Multi-Player Racing, and Motor World: Car Factory.

Oh BiBi Games is considered one of the top gaming companies in France because of the focus on their IP projects and a specialization in mobile games.

  • Kobojo

Kobojo is a leading game development company from France. It was founded in 2008 and now has an office in Scotland.

The company has 70 million players worldwide and utilizes the latest tech to develop its games. One thing that sets the company apart is its dedication to creating hand-drawn game art.

The distinction is that the team creates games for numerous platforms aimed toward mid-core gamers. Their top games include Primal Legends and Mutants Genetic Gladiators.

  • Filao

Filao is one of France’s oldest gaming companies and was founded in 1999 as Infraworlds. The company was acquired in 2007 by Zenops.

There are numerous games that the company has developed over the years. This includes Raging Thunder, Fruit Factory, and Spyro. 

Filao is primarily a mobile game development company specializing in creating Java-based games. It has a rich history of creating games for platforms and devices, including PDAs.

  • MadBox

MadBox is a mobile gaming company from France. The company has made nearly 15 games over the years. Their games have likewise garnered over 300 million downloads.

Their popular games include Pocket Champs, Stickman Hook, and Idle Ants. 

MadBox is renowned as one of the top game development companies in France because they explore the game development process and their creative forte, which aids them in creating unique gaming experiences.

  • Ishtar Games

Ishtar Games is one of the leading game companies in France. The studio has offices in Lille and Bordeaux. 

The company is founded and run by a team of ardent gamers. The team aims to create games that push the boundaries. 

The team has created numerous games over the years. This includes Lakeburg Legacies, a village management game that handles a group of villages over generations. Then there is Dead in Vinland, a survival/management game. There is also The Last Spell, where the player must battle it with monsters.

  • PopScreen Games

PopScreen Games is one of the top gaming studios in France. The company was founded in 2019 and is located in Paris.

The team creates high-quality mobile games that are targeted towards the mobile audience. Their most renowned game is Wacky Battles, an RPG game with turn-based gameplay. In the game, the player also has the option to go for an auto-battler-style gameplay.

The team members at PopScreen also boast experience working in numerous top gaming companies worldwide, such as EA and Ubisoft. They bring their years of experience to create the best gaming experiences.

  • Million Victories

Million Victories is an indie game development company from France. It was founded in 2017 and is based in Lyon. The company’s core focus is the creation of MMO games.

The company’s first game is Million Lords, a game available on both iOS and Android. It is a real-time strategy MMO that focuses on tactics and troops management. Unlike many similar games, it focuses mainly on the deeper gameplay aspects that MMORTS have rather than the extraneous features.

In 2023, Million Victories raised $6.5 million in funding. Its commitment to creating original IPs and improving the gameplay experience for its core audience is why it is considered a top gaming company in France.

  • Focus Entertainment

Focus Entertainment is another leading gaming studio in France. It was founded back in 1996 as Focus Home Interactive. The company was re-branded in 2021 as Focus Entertainment.

Focus Entertainment values innovative design and great storytelling. The company’s developers possess decades of experience and have created well-known games. 

The studio has created several top games, such as Banishers: Ghost of the New Eden and Spacemarine II. Their commitment to creating quality games makes them one of the top gaming companies in France.

  • Don’t Nod Entertainment

Don’t Nod is an independent game publisher and developer from Paris, France. It was founded in 2008 by a team of industry-leading game developers.

The company is most known for its game Life is Strange. The game is an episodic experience that has won critical acclaim and commercial success.

Other games that the company has created include Jusant, Harmony, and Koira. Their dedication to creating games that push the envelope of gaming is why they are considered one of the best gaming studios in France.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous top gaming companies in France. It has become one of the global game development hubs, with more companies popping up as time passes.

Selecting the right company to get your game developed from, however, is an enormous take. You have to assess the team based on a lot of potential metrics. You have to look at their portfolio and experience level to choose the proper gaming studio to execute your project.

Sometimes, that is all that makes the difference.

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