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Get all-round comprehensive game development services from the top gaming companies in Netherlands. Standard and premium technology like Unity, Unreal, PixiJS, Maya, Node.JS, and many more are used by reputable companies. The blend of creativity and technical skill of Dutch game developers is the key to making your game idea a reality.

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Top Netherlands Game studios

Netherlands is one of the notable locations for its thriving gaming industry. It is the home to 600 Netherland game studios that employ 4000 professionals. Many of the top gaming studios in Netherlands are the name behind globally popular games. Expert game developers proficient in a wide range of game technology and understanding the latest trends can create engaging video game projects with maximized outreach.

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Factors to consider while choosing a gaming company in Netherlands

Experienced Professionals

The country is home to a skilled pool of game artists, developers, and designers who have many years of experience in creating successful games for various gaming platforms. Not only game developing studios, but you can also hire independent game developers who outsource game development services.

Educational Institutions

Many famous educational institutions including the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are promoting game studies by providing bachelor’s and master’s programs in game development to their students. These institutions also collaborate with game studios providing necessary training to aspiring game developers.

Supportive Ecosystem

Apart from the support of educational institutions and game developers, the government also provides support to game developers by conducting yearly events, skills programs, and other needed support for startups and small enterprises. Dutch Game Garden is a government subsidiary, which supports startups by providing incubation, and meetings, and helps connect the business and investors.

Proximity to Global Market

Netherlands is one of the prominent European countries located between Belgium and Germany, which are both very well-acclaimed gaming markets. So, Netherlands has the opportunity to reach a broad audience.

Innovation Hub

Dutch has a long-standing reputation for being an innovation hub as they were the inventors of game-changing technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Their culture supports and promotes developing next-generation solutions. They also have the advantage of a skilled workforce and are also multilingual. Thus they are expected to create innovative and quality video games.

Top Game Development Studios in Netherlands

Juego Studios


Juego Studios is an award-winning game development company with 10+ years of experience in providing video and mobile game development services. The company has completed 500+ games in different genres including strategy games, multiplayer games, casual games, puzzle games, action games, and adventure games.

They provide specialized game development services including metaverse, AR/VR, NFT, and blockchain game development for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, consoles, PC, and tablets. Not only that, but they also make custom-made games for brand promotions and other purposes based on the client’s requirements. Some of the iconic brands Disney, Warner Brothers, Amazon, and BullsEye Studio were happy clients of Juego Studio. They have also been featured in Forbes India Marquee Entrepreneur Special as one of the best and fastest growing companies in India.

Some of the games made by them include Medals of War, Hopster, School of Dragons, and ALF Evolution 2.

My Games


Launched in 2018, My Games is one of the top game development companies with its Headquarters situated in Amsterdam. They make games in all genres and for various platforms like PCs, consoles, and mobiles. They have developed nearly 150 games and have and have 1 billion+ registered users. Despite game development, they also provide video game publishing services to their customers. They have also tied up with UKIE, the Dutch Games Association, and Tech Island.

Some of their popular games include War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, and Warface.

Abstraction Games


Abstraction Games is one of the top game development companies in Netherlands, founded in 2007. The company provides full game development services, game co-development services, and porting services. They create games for various PC and console platforms including the PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Their company specializes in making AAA multiplayer games in various genres including action, adventure, and survival games. Their partners are Funcom, Microsoft, Aspyr Media, Snail Games, Dutch Game Garden, and many more.

Some of their notable games include Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Remnant: From The Ashes; Surviving Mars, and Baldur’s Gate 3.

Good Shepherd Games


Good Shepherd Games is a renowned game publishing company who have published many amazing games developed by popular game developers. They publish video games for platforms such as PCs and gaming consoles. The company’s headquarters was located in Hague, Netherlands. It was founded in 2011, and its founding partners were Paul Hanraets, Sjoerd Geurts, Harry Miller, Andy Payne, and Mike Wilson. They have a long-standing partnership with some of the most popular and amazing game developers globally.

Some of their notable games include Monster Train, the Transport Fever series, Phantom Doctrine, Hard West, and John Wick Hex.

Iceberg Interactive


Iceberg Interactive is an independent game publishing company founded in 2009 by a group of game industry veterans. They publish games by independent game developers and midsize developers all around the world. It is located in Harlem, Netherlands. They offer various services such as quality assurance, closed and open community beta tests, localization, marketing, and promotional services for the game. Steam, Gamesplanet, GOG, Macgamestore, Green Man Gaming, Humble, WildTangent, Atgame, Dream Game, Nexway, etc., are some of the authorized vendors who can resell their games in key and digital versions.

Some of their notable games include Killing Floor 2, Maneater and Circle Empires, Strange Horticulture, Blazing Sails, Chivalry 2, and King of Retail.

Guerilla Games


Guerilla Games has created a very good name around Amsterdam, Netherlands as one of the leading game development companies that creates high-quality games. The company was founded in 2003 and it is a fully owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The company provides all types of game development services including production, animation, programming, and narrative design. They have 350+ employees who are from 50+ different countries around the world. They make games for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Some of their popular titles include Killzone Series, Horizon Forbidden West, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Decima.



Codeglue was founded in 2000 by Maurice Sibrandi and Peter de Jong in Rotterdam. It is one of the best game development companies in Netherlands. The company provides game development services such as co-development services and game porting services for other game development companies. They have a passionate team of 30+ game developers, artists, designers, and programmers. They are specialized in porting games and have provided porting services for gaming platforms like PC, and consoles including the PlayStation series, Xbox series, Nintendo, and Steam.

Shadow Run Trilogy, Human Fall Flat, Re Legend, Gems of War, and Antegods were some of their famous titles.

Vertigo Games


Vertigo Games is a high-quality game development and publishing company that specializes in multiplatform VR game development. The company has offices in three locations which include Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles. The company offers full game development services, marketing services, game funding, and technical services to its clients based on their requirements. Also, they make games in various genres from AAA VR games to indie games. Oculus, Playstation, and Steam are some of the gaming platforms they make games for.

Their popular games include Fisherman’s Tale, After the Fall, Arizona Sunshine, Maskmaker, and Unplugged Air Guitar.

Gazing Interactive


Gazing Interactive is one of the famous game-developing companies providing mobile game development services and game publishing services. The company was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands and was rebranded in 2018. Previously it was called Infinity Lane Games and around that time, they made games for Apple’s first iPhones and iPads. But now, they make games for smartphones too. Also, they make games in various genres such as strategy games, quest games, adventure games, and casual games.

Shiny Treasure: Pirate Blast, Folded Flyer, Cubo, Aztec Temple Quest, Joe Cable, and Fruit Gardens are some of the games made by Gazing Interactive

Paladin Studios


Paladin Studios is an end-to-end game development company from concept to game launch. With 17+ years of experience in developing games, they work with cutting-edge technologies like Unity 3D, Node JS, etc to make innovative and realistic games. Apart from that, they also provide co-development services to game developers. They work with multiple platforms including PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Their team has 45+ talented artists, game designers, and programmers who work together to create awe-inspiring games. Dena, Spill Games, Plug in Digital, Kongregate, and Zeptolab are some of their notable partners.

Cut the Rope: Remastered, Nailed it! Baking Bash, Good Job, Stormbound, and Amazing Katamari Damacy were some of the popular games made by them.


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