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Make your game ideas become a reality with the help of superior game technology like Unity, Unreal, Phaser, and more. The top game developers in Turkey can blend creativity and their professional expertise to make your game project immersive. Witness the epitome of game designing excellence by judiciously choosing the top gaming companies at your service.

Top Game Studios in Turkey

Turkey is steadily getting recognized as a growing economy with its rapid urbanization and contribution to science and innovation. Though largely dependent on tourism, it is also the home for many notable mobile game development companies. If you are looking for game development project assistance, it is crucial to consider certain factors to select the most suitable game development company in Turkey for your project. The key is to find the right balance of creativity and experience as you search for the best.

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Factors to consider for Hiring Gaming Companies in Turkey

Various factors must be considered to select the best gaming company in Turkey for your projects. The following are some of the key criteria, considering which will help to select the right company for your requirements:


One of the most crucial criteria is considering the overall experience of the company. The years of operations and the different verticals they work with altogether will define their total experience. You can get a thorough idea by checking their website.


Check the portfolio of the company to get an idea about all the games they have developed. A diverse portfolio gives an idea about the variety of projects as well as the types of games they specialize in. Also, try to play some of the games to get a better idea.


The overall reputation earned consistently by the company helps to determine the quality of the service. Check out the reviews and testimonials from forums for this purpose. You can also interact with some of the clients’ to know the first-hand experience they had.


The top gaming companies in Turkey use the latest technology at par with the industry standard. Top game engines like Unity, Unreal, and Godot to animation software like Maya and Phaser are used by notable game development studios.


A major factor is the overall budget for the project. The cost of development depends on the complexity of the project, team size, type of games, and several other factors. It is wise to choose a company offering services at par with the standard rates in the market.

Team size

The overall team size as well as their experience also influence the quality of the game project. A reputed company that is experienced will have a significantly big team size of seasoned developers and handle game projects of any stature easily.

Top Gaming Companies in Turkey

Juego Studios


One of the leading gaming companies with over a decade of experience in the industry, Juego Studios provide full-cycle game development solution. The company is among the top video game development studios catering to clients in Turkey as well. 

With over 300+ game developers and several successful titles to boast in the portfolio, the company has worked with many global clients.

Juego Studios uses the latest cutting-edge technology in game development including tools and software like Maya, Phase, PixiJS, Unity, Unreal, and more. The following are some of the services offered by the company:

The company has an innovative approach to game design and ensures its products remain ahead of the competition. They create multi-platform games for PC, mobile, Console, Nintendo, and more. Some of their most notable clients include Sony, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Wicked Witch, EROS Now, and more.

Dream Games


Dream Games is a notable game studio in Turkey founded in 2019. It is a relatively new company but has earned a reputation, primarily as a mobile game development company. With the combination of creativity and technology, the company delivers a wide variety of projects including AAA games, Battle Royale Games, Board games, and more. Royal Match is one of the notable projects designed by the company for Android as well as iOS. The company has approximately 200-500 employees as well as 218 associate members who are experienced and skilled. The company has offices in Istanbul as well as London.

Peak Games


Peak Games was founded in 2010 and is noted as one of the top mobile game development companies in Turkey. It is noted specifically for their casual puzzle games. The first casual puzzle game launched by the company was Toy Blast in 2015. The next notable project was Toon Blast in 2017. They have earned over 400 million players for both games. Both games are available for download for iOS and Android. The company has approximately 51-200 employees and 281 associates. The company is headquartered in Istanbul.

Ace Games


This is another notable game startup founded in 2020 and headquartered in Istanbul. They specialize as a mobile game development company and their most notable project is a puzzle game called Fiona’s Farm. The game is available for Android and iOS. They have a talented and dedicated team of developers who can create engaging games using the latest technology. The team is relatively small and there are approximately 90 employees who are highly skilled and experienced with the latest game technology and software.

Paxie Games


Another growing but relatively new startup is the Paxie Games. The company was founded in 2021 and has a very small team of approximately 24 employees. The team is highly experienced and skilled and they specialize in developing mobile game apps. They have several projects like Merge Studio and Tile Star which are very popular and developed by them. Paxie Games is headquartered in Kadikoy, Turkey. They are focused on multi-genre games and offer casual, and hybrid mobile game genres inspired by real-life experiences.

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