By Juegostudio | Game Development | July 14th, 2013

Game Ideas That Make Lot of Money for iPhone, iPad, Android & Facebook

In 2012, a great many iOS and Android games debuted, thereby creating an instant avalanche of choices for the gaming community. Indeed a great time to possess a Samsung Galaxy S3 or an iPhone 5, fourth generation or even an iPad.

Finnish company Rovio Entertainment developed a concept centered on a few angry birds attacking pigs did. Released in December 2009, it took over the world. Everybody with an iOS platform iPhone, iPad or Mac laptop was addicted to Angry Birds. This indicates that a great Game Ideas can be simple but should be stylized and packaged in such a way that it arouses interest for the target audience. From character development to color palette, backgrounds – everything matters. Some games are developed for a niche category while others have a more universal appeal with a generic mood and tone, like Angry Birds. There are also casual gamer’s as well as hardcore enthusiasts so while developing Game Ideas, one has to study the market and consider likes and preference.

In Game Development all it takes is one great idea and the world is glued. Due the expansive nature of iPhone Games, iPad Games, Android Games as result of new ideas and technology, the market for a Game Development Company is tremendous. A huge hit was Asphalt 7 from the latest market entries in 2012 compatible on both iOS and Android.  An arcade racer concept, with around 60 cars, amazing tracks across exotic locations, like Hawaii, the Bahamas, Iceland, replete with an active volcano. With a 6-person online play, matchmaking and plenty of game modes, the idea clicked. But one never knows what tickles the audience, EA’s Simpsons: Tapped Out was huge hit despite some technical snags. Despite the hurdles, players had a gala time in creating their own version of Springfield, while exclusive scenes and voice actors from the original TV show added to Tapped Out’s credibility. Arguably the best free-to-play world builder on the App Store, the idea behind the game was born out of the TV show. So, whether concepts like this one or a combat game or puzzle based or a word game, the prime determinants for success are the Game Ideas and the detailing. Game Development Company has to keep in mind the same.

The young and motivated team at Bangalore based Juego Studio brings to the table respected skill sets and state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports new iPhone Games, iPad Games and Android Games. With the ever-changing technology and dynamic visualizations, the team is equipped with a talent creative crew as well as top-end IT support. They are already skilled in the technology as the Cocos2D X Developers the best in the market. From the days of the good old Java games as filler apps in the mobile phones, these technicians have been making great contributions to the industry. Today they are evolved and smart game developers backed by a team of cool graphics artist and designers. Juego Studio braces itself with technical know-how much ahead of its time with a keen eye on future Game Development.

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