Game Development Companies in Austin

The top gaming companies in Austin can offer a wide variety of gaming services for various platforms and gaming devices. The game developers in Austin have the expertise and skills to use the latest gaming technology and create unique projects that are immersive, engaging, and gain maximum reach. Get end-to-end game development with the help of the top gaming company in Austin.

Game Development Studios in Austin

Austin has a thriving tech industry that also includes gaming companies as well. It is the home to some of the top gaming studios in Austin. This includes seasoned AAA game developers’ indie developers or emerging startups. Irrespective of your project stature, find suitable game developers who have the technical skill and understands the latest trends in the gaming industry, offering cost-efficient solutions.

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Factors to consider while choosing Gaming Companies in Austin

Choosing a reputed game studio in Austin involves taking into consideration several criteria. The following are a few factors that will help to filter the best developers for your project:


The company’s reputation can be deciphered from the website, testimonials, and reviews on different platforms. This is crucial to determine whether the organization can handle the project’s requirements seamlessly.


The top gaming companies in Austin will have all relevant services and a large team who are highly skilled and experienced. Ensure the gaming company has sufficient experience with the game genre you require.


It is important to set a realistic and clear budget in mind based on game type and complexity. Choose a game studio in Austin as per the budget. It will depend largely on the stature of the project and the reputation of the company.


Most of the gaming companies that have earned a reputation will have a comprehensive portfolio. Check out the business’s portfolio to analyze the previous projects they have created earlier.

Team Size

The team size plays a crucial role in streamlining the game development process. Reputed companies usually have larger teams of developers, concept artists, project managers, and so on who can ensure the project gets completed in time.


The overall experience of the company and its track record gives an idea about the quality of the service. An experienced game development company in Austin will have the resources and technology to design any type of game.

Top Game Development Studios in Austin

Juego Studios


Juego Studios is a game development studio specializing in developing mobile and PC games for casual and hardcore markets. Juego Studios focuses on creating high-quality experiences designed to be enjoyed by all.

Their approach to game design ensures a unique experience every time, with appropriate levels of difficulty, engaging, well-crafted mechanics, and an emphasis on storytelling. From RPGs to puzzle games, they have something for everyone!

Their experienced team of designers, programmers, and artists is passionate about making sure each game they create is well crafted and polished to the highest standards. Plus, they are committed to creating games that offer an immersive experience for their fans.

Their portfolio includes a variety of games such as Smile Cooking, Car Racing, Synchrony, Tic Tac, and many more. All of these games feature stunning visuals, well-crafted mechanics, and engaging storylines. Their team is also working on several upcoming games, so you can expect to see more great titles from Juego Studios shortly.

Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts is among the best game development companies in Austin Texas, renowned for its top-performing games developed across various platforms. It has over 300 million registered users around the globe and also offers a wide selection of top-rated games. With its cutting-edge technology, EA is one of the premier gaming companies in Austin.

Ghost Machine


Ghost Machine is one of the leading game studios in Austin that has an experienced team of professionals with credits that include titles from Sony, Dreamworks, and EA. Ghost Machine specializes in creating fully immersive virtual reality gaming experiences. The company has an impressive portfolio of original creations and collaborations with marketers and publishers.

With its high-quality content, Ghost Machine has quickly become one of Austin’s top game development companies. Whether crafting completely new worlds or enhancing existing ones, this gaming company aims to provide gamers with the ultimate playing experience.



Portalarium is an innovative gaming company specializing in developing and publishing online games, products, and services for social media networks, mobile platforms, and PCs. The company focuses on creating a fun and interactive gaming experience that fosters goodwill, community building, and learning between friends.

It has established itself as one of Austin’s best game development companies with its unique approach to game design. Portalarium offers high-quality titles that are engaging and entertaining while providing lasting experiences for players.

Zco Corporation


Zco Corporation is an international game development company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1989, the company offers various customized services for mobile app development, enterprise software, and creative services.

Their experienced team of developers, designers, and engineers works with businesses to create engaging games that provide unique user experiences.

Zco is dedicated to supporting clients throughout their projects, from initial concept to launch and beyond. With decades of experience, they have developed games for all types of media platforms, including PC, console, and mobile devices.



Euphoria stands out from the crowd of gaming companies in Austin for its innovative approach to augmented and virtual reality.

They are dedicated to helping corporate organizations and brands understand how AR/VR can be a valuable tool within their businesses. Their mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that integrate immersive technologies into all aspects of work life, with a commitment to excellence at the forefront of their values.



Alconost is one of the gaming companies in Austin that specializes in professional translation and localization services.

Since 2004, their experienced team has provided high-quality solutions for apps, games, software, websites, and marketing materials in more than 100 languages. With Alconost’s help, businesses can provide localized content to suit the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

Armature Studio


Armature Studio, located in Texas is one of the best Austin game studios. It was founded in 2008 by industry veterans with extensive experience developing the acclaimed Metroid Prime franchise, Armature Studio has grown to be one of the leading gaming companies in Austin. The team strives to create innovative and engaging games for all platforms, from console and PC to mobile devices.

Certain Affinity


Founded in 2006, Certain Affinity is Austin, Texas’s largest independent game developer. This bootstrapped startup has a mission to create innovative and top-quality action games. Their exceptionally experienced and talented team is key to their success, producing high-quality gaming experiences for their players.

Bluepoint Games


Bluepoint Games is a renowned video game companies in Austin focused on creating the highest quality experiences for some of the world’s most popular video games.

The company, based in Austin, TX, provides industry-leading services to publishers around the globe, ensuring players get to enjoy an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. With years of coding, artistry, and animation expertise, Bluepoint Games consistently produces top-notch results that satisfy their clients.

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