Top Game Studios in Hamburg

Make your game ideas stand out with maximized exposure to potential users by harnessing the power of superior tools like Unity, Godot, Phaser, PixiJS, and more. The top game developers in Hamburg are experienced and familiar with the latest trends in the game industry. Witness excellence with the assistance of the best professionals in the industry.

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Best Hamburg Game Studios

Hamburg is a scenic port city by the river Elbe which is connected to the North Sea. The city has a thriving industry with a relatively high employment rate. The German gaming industry is one of the largest in Europe, with steady growth in Hamburg. The top game development companies here use superior technology adhering to the industry standards. A clear concept of the game and selecting a reputed company can make the game project memorable.

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Factors to consider while choosing a gaming company in Hamburg

The most reputed game studio in Hamburg can provide all-around game development assistance for all types of projects. The following are a few important criteria that should be considered when trying to hire the best game developers for your project:

Reputation of The Company

Analyze the company’s reputation by observing its website, business listing, and reviews on different platforms. A business that delivers quality projects consistently would mostly have positive reviews. Go through them carefully. If possible, try connecting with their previous clients to get first-hand insights into their experience of working with the game development company.

Services They Offer

The top gaming companies in Hamburg offer all kinds of relevant services and usually have diverse teams. Companies offering diverse services related to game development generally have the manpower, resources, and experience necessary to handle projects of varied complexity. You will also get clarity about whether the company can manage the kind of project you have in mind.

Pricing Range

Budget is a crucial factor, but make sure you have a realistic and clear budget in mind. This will help before filtering the game studios in Hamburg. You must do some research on the standard market rates for different types of game development. Based on that, filter the different companies to find the best option. A reliable company would have a rate that ranges as per the standard market value.

Portfolio of Previous Works

Most of the gaming companies in Hamburg that have earned a reputation will have a well-designed and diverse portfolio. You can check out the business’s portfolio from the business’s website. Try out some of the games they have listed to get a better idea about their design and overall development. If you have a specific game genre in mind, look for similar games in the company’s portfolio.

Team Size

Another marker of one of the reputed game development companies in India is their team size. Seasoned companies usually have larger teams of developers, concept artists, project managers, and so on. Hence, they can deliver the projects in a streamlined manner and offer a better quality of service. However, you must also consider the overall experience and expertise of the team alongside the size to determine their efficiency.

Experience of The Company

Last but not least, you must consider the overall experience of the company and its track record. An experienced company that has been in the business for a long time will be familiar with the latest as well as old technologies. As a result, they can give you the best idea about the right approach to your project. Such a company also has enough experience and resources to manage projects of any magnitude.

Top Game Development Studios in Hamburg

Juego Studios


Juego Studios is one of the leading game development companies in Hamburg. The company has developed 500+ projects since its inception in 2013. This includes games across numerous genres such as puzzle, casual, MMORPGs, RPGs, MOBAs, etc. The game development studio has also created games for all top platforms – mobile, desktop, web, or console.

The biggest strength of Juego Studios is the team strength. Juego has a team of 300+ that includes experts from all the domains of game development. This includes artists, testers, designers, and developers.

The company also offers exemplary game art services, providing art for 2D and 3D, concept art, AAA art, and more. Because the team has artists from the different sub-domains of game art, all of whom are experienced.

Over the years, the team has created top games such as Medals of War, AFL Evolution, NBA2K, and more. The games Juego has created have garnered both critical and user acclaim.

Juego is also the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, such as Brand of the Year from Silicon India and the Game Changer Award from Brand Vision.

Big Point


Big Point is a top gaming company in Hamburg that has created free-to-play games such as Seafight, Fremerama, and League of Angels.

Big Points was founded in 2002. The company creates all its games in-house. The team considers its mission as creating games that are fun, accessible, and fair.

All the games the team has developed are free to play. This means that anybody can access these games without spending any money whatsoever.

In 2016, Yoozo, a Chinese games publisher, acquired Big Point.



Daedalic creates games across numerous genres, such as RPGs, adventure, and strategy. The team is one of the top game development companies in Hamburg, having won 32 awards.

Daedelic was founded back in 2007, and the team has 90+ people at this moment. The company is also named after a Greek artist and legend.

Notable games from Daedelic include Silence, Edna and Harvey, and Inkulinati.



Gamigo is another leading game development company in Hamburg that also publishes games of its own. The studio has a diverse portfolio that encompasses games from numerous genres.

These include the adventure MMO Trove, the MMORPG game Fiesta, and the strategy game Desert Operations.

Gamigo had its initial start as an online gaming magazine that covered console and PC game development. Then, a few years later, it transformed into the industry-leading gaming studio that it is now.

Inno Games


Inno Games, another gaming studio in Hamburg, was founded in 2007. Since then, the company has created numerous games, most of which have received acclaim from users.

Since its inception, the company has garnered repeated growth and is now home to hundreds of employees. Most of these games are browser games that are cross-browser compatible and mobile games.

Notable games from Inno Games include Sunrise Village, Rise of Cultures, and Forge of Empires. Forge of Empires received the German Computer Games Award in the ‘Best Browser Game’ category. Rise of Culture was a nominee in the ‘Best Mobile Game category.’



Tivola is a gaming studio from Hamburg that creates games where animals are central characters.

There are several of these games featuring different sets of animals. Wildshade, for instance, is a game that is a game of breeding and taking care of horses. Buster’s Journey features a dog that finds hidden objects. Cat Rescue Story, meanwhile, is a game where you rescue a cate.

Tivola was founded in 1995. The company initially started to develop games for PCs. But in recent years, they have shifted their focus to mobile games.



Rockfish Games is a leading gaming company in Hamburg that creates games for consoles and PCs. The team uses the Unreal Engine to craft games with high-fidelity 3D graphics.

The first title that the team published was Everspace, released in 2016. It was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

In 2023, RockFish released a sequel to the game, Everspace 2, that built upon the features of its predecessors. It was initially released for PC, with a console release planned a while later. This game also was a result of a Kickstarter.

Since Idea


Since Idea is a renowned development studio that creates AR and VR games and solutions. The company is known as one of the top gaming studios in Hamburg.

The team has designers, artists, and developers capable of creating games from scratch to finish.

Their notable games include Cyber Hero Mission Runner and XR Xterminator.



Threaks is a game studio founded in 2009. It is one of the top gaming companies in Hamburg.

The team has expertise in the Unity game engine, creating games for multiple platforms using its leading features.

Threaks has created games, including the action-shooter game Project Morph, the sci-fi shooter game Battle Planet, and the adventure game All I Have is Time.

Good Game Studios


Good Game Studios is a gaming company from Hamburg that develops browser and mobile games. The team develops free-to-play games that are monetized using other methods. It was founded in 2009.

Good Game Studios has won numerous prestigious awards. This includes the German Developer Award, Growth Team of the Year, and European Games Award.


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