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Game Development Companies in Pune

Pune is a prominent city in India that is a blend of both traditional and modern spheres. They have been noted as an important center for trade even from ancient times. Withholding that reputation, now the city has become the major IT hub of India. Apart from the IT sector, they have shown remarkable growth in various fields including the gaming sector.

Some of the best game development companies in India are located in Pune and it is also home to many mobile game developers and indie game developers. In this article, we have listed the ten best game studios in Pune.

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Factors to consider while choosing a gaming company

Experience of the Company

When a game development company has some years of experience in creating games, they would have previously created games in different genres and also worked with different platforms. They also will have a defined working process, as they have already worked on various projects. This is advantageous as you will have reviews from their previous clients which will help you analyze their performance.

Company Portfolio

The portfolio of a company is one of the most important factors you need to check before hiring a game development studio. A portfolio consists of the record of all the games created by them. If available, read the case studies of the games the company has created — they will give you a better understanding of what you can expect from the company.

Gaming Platforms

Some gaming companies work only with certain platforms. For instance, some might only create games for mobile platforms while others might be specialized in creating games for PCs. You need to ensure that you choose the right company for creating your games. Additionally, check if the company also provides cross-platform and game porting services.


The company should be able to deliver quality services at cost-friendly prices. Apart from game development, there are other areas that require spending which include publishing, marketing, post-launch testing, etc., You might need to consider all these areas and calculate the estimated cost range before choosing a game development company.

Top Game Development Studios in Pune

Juego Studios


Juego Studios is an award-winning game development company founded in 2013 with the vision of creating innovative and engaging games for players using cutting-edge technologies. Since then the company has worked towards its vision successfully completing 500+ projects and has worked with some of the iconic brands including Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, and Bulls Eye Studio. They have a reputation as the best video game development company and were also featured in Forbes India Marquee Entrepreneur Special 2021.

Juego Studios specializes in creating metaverse games, AR/VR games, Blockchain, and NFT games. In addition to that, they create games in multiple genres including strategy games, shooting games, RPG games, MMO games, and education games. They provide 2D and 3D art services, game design services, game testing services, and many more.

Apart from that they make games for platforms such as Playstation, Xbox, consoles, desktop, Android, iOS, and tablet devices. And also make cross-platform games depending on the requirements of their clients.

Their games: Medals of War, AFL Evolution 2, School of Dragons, and Adventure Quest.



Aaryavarta is one of the best game development companies in Pune with offices and branches in the USA and the UK. The company has 7+ years of experience in developing and publishing games in multiple genres such as AAA games, MMO games, real money games, casino games, slot games, card games, and board games. They use technologies like Unity 3D, Corona, Cocos 2d x, and Unreal to make realistic and engaging games. They also work with Angular JS, and Node JS scripting languages to create dynamic games with interactive user interfaces.

They provide various game development services 2D and 3D game development, cross-platform game development, UI/UX design services, Asset production services, and Animation services. In addition to this, they also offer cross-platform game development services.

Their games: Real Euro Train Simulator, Singh is Bling, Dandelion, and UP – Adventure Time.



Rolocule is one of the pioneering video game companies in Pune creating virtual reality and augmented reality games. They are an award-winning game development company founded in 2010 by Anuj Tandon, and Rohit Gupta with a talented team of game developers who specialize in making hyper-realistic and engaging games for their clients. The company makes mid-core games and AAA games for mobile platforms, AR, and VR technology.

Additionally, they are also a winner of the Edison Award for tech innovation. Apart from that, their game Dead Among Us received the Game of the Year award at NASSCOM, Apple’s Editor’s Choice, and Best of 2015 awards at Apple’s App Store.

Their games: Dead Among Us, Bowling Central, Motion Tennis, and Flick Tennis Online.

GodSpeed Games


GodSpeed Games is a part of The Collective Ace Group providing game development and game outsourcing services to their clients for nearly a decade. Their headquarters is located in Pune, Maharashtra, and was founded in 2012. The company makes games with the mission of providing cost-effective and high-quality games to its customers. They provide game testing services, full-service game development services, live ops services, and AR/VR game development services.

Additionally, they also provide game porting services and game publishing services. Their talented team of game developers, and game artists collaborate together, having successfully completed 500+ games for clients globally.

Their games: Sanit Kotar, Lacuna, Knights and Dragons, and Encodya.



As a reputed game development studio in Pune, Jetsynthesys is specialized in providing game development and esports services. They pioneer in creating celebrity games in India having created games based on popular celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Salman Khan. They provide gaming services for various platforms like Consoles, mobile devices such as Android and iOS, and HTML.

From conceptualization to game launch and post-game launch, they provide end-to-end game development services. Apart from that, they also provide publishing and marketing services. Till today, they have created 300+ successful games creating a huge player base for their video games. Some of their games exceeded 100 million downloads globally.

Their games: Sachin Saga, Real Cricket, Core Loop, and Being Salman.

GameCloud Technologies Private Ltd


GameCloud was founded in 2011 by Laxmikant with the aim to provide the best quality assurance services and game testing services to video games. From the conceptualization phase till the pre-launch phase, they ensure the proper functionality and playability of the game. They have worked with 150+ clients all over the world providing a variety of game testing services such as functionality testing, soak testing, regression testing, play testing, and many more.

With a customer satisfaction index of 98%, GameCloud comes with the highest recommendation from clients who have found their service highly satisfactory. They are one of the game testing companies that provide cost-affordable services for various platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, Linux, and Mac.



Cympl is a mobile game development company founded in 2015 in Pune, Maharashtra by Rituraj Behera. It is a game development and publishing company that focuses on making fun and engaging casual mobile games in multiple genres from cooking games, and time management games to board games. They are a remote working studio and have till now published 25+ games.

Their games were hugely received by people around the world with a player base of 2 million MAUs and 200K DAUs. At Cympl, they create their original IPs and their games are available on Android and iOS platforms.

Their games: Super Krishna Crush, Pet Shelter, Masala Madness, and Chef Diaries: Romance and Cooking.

Appzia Technologies


Appzia Technologies, founded in 2015 is a top-tier game development company that makes excellent mobile games that are engaging and fun for their players. They have created games under multiple genres such as action games, puzzle games, role-playing games, simulation games, and strategy games. Their team works with many new technologies such as Unity, unreal, and computer programming languages like C++, and Java to create interactive mobile games.

Android game development, iOS game development, and Windows game development are the game development services provided by Appzia Technologies. Apart from game development they also provide quality assurance and marketing services.

Their games: Dream Rummy, Dream1, Who Shot The Boss, and Rummy Paplu Dp.

Bajake Studios


Bakake Studios is an independent mobile game development company that was founded in 2016. Their vision is to provide an immersive and fun mobile gaming experience to their players. Their game development services include mobile game development, Virtual reality (VR) game development, and web game development.

They have created some of the highly-ranking games which went over 5,000,000+ million downloads in the app store. Simulation games, adventure games, puzzle games, strategy games, and role-playing games were the common genres they worked with.

Their games: Tractor Farming Simulator Game, Bottle Shoot Game, and City Train Driving Sim.

Reliance Games


Reliance Games is one of the reliable game developers in Pune and they have offices in the USA, UK, and India. They make games for various platforms like mobile devices, tablets, PC, and consoles under various genres like racing games, casual games, superhero games, action games, and fighting games.

The company provides quality assurance, live operations, and game publishing services. Apart from that, they also provide marketing and promotional services. They have worked with some popular brands like Apple, WWE, Warner Brothers, and Google creating captivating and highly satisfactory games for their clients.

Their games: Mayhem, Monster Trucks Racing, Real Steel, and Duck Dynasty.

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