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Gaming Comparison With Statistics – iOS vs Android

The smart phone wars are on. OS for OS, app for app and game for game! Hardcore fans and enthusiasts are polarized over the iOS vs. Android debate. Every two months the gaming trends change, the technology get upgraded and the higher sales statistic keep shifting sides. So who’s actually winning?

As of 2019, mobile games accounted for 51% of the total revenue within the gaming industry. Consoles and PC, which held the majority until a few years ago, accounted for 25% and 24% respectively.

The revenue of mobile gaming will rise even higher in the future. The revenue during Q1 and Q2 of 2020 is already higher than what they were during the same periods in the previous years. And in 2020, experts estimate that the total yearly revenue will hit $165 billion in 2020, the highest so far yet. They also estimate there will be 2.4 billion mobile gamers in the world by 2020.

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Much of this is thanks to the iOS and Android platforms. Until their arrival, mobile games occupied a smaller space within gaming. Both PC and consoles dominated back then. 

But iOS and Android proved that smartphones can become a viable gaming device. As a result, within a few years, mobile gaming rose to the height it is at now.

But just as there are differences in statistics between gaming platforms, i.e mobile, PC, and consoles, there are differences between mobile platforms as well. Below we list some of the statistics that show the differences generally seen among Android and iOS gamers:

Overall Revenue (iOS Vs Android)

In terms of overall revenue, iOS leads Android.

In 2019, iOS games made a total of $37 billion, while Android games made $24.7 billion. This difference in revenue might be due to the differences among the customer base between the platforms. Because as a whole, the average iOS user tends to spend more on both apps and games than the average Android user.

Number of Gamers

Android leads the race when it comes to the total number of gamers. 78% of all mobile gamers use an android device as opposed to an iOS one.

Again, this might be because of Android’s huge user base. Experts estimate that there are over 2 billion android users in the world. It is then no wonder that Android leads to such an extent.

Number of iOS Games Vs Android Games

There is some difference in the total number of games available in the respective app stores. 

In the Apple App Store, the total number of games stands at 900,000+ at the end of 2019. While in the Google Playstore, this number stands at around 350,000.

So if you are an iOS user, you will have more games to play than your Android counterparts have.

Apps to Games Ratio

Not everything available in the app stores is games. The majority of them are, in fact, applications which we use for various purposes. Games make up only a small, but a significant percentage, among the overall number of apps.

In the Apple App Store, this percentage stands at 25% of the total number of applications available. In the Google Playstore, this percentage stands at 21%.

Top Grossing Titles

The list of the top-grossing games on either platform mostly contain the same games, like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. However, the top earners are different.

In iOS, Tencent’s Honor of Kings was the highest-grossing game in 2019. It made approximately $1.43 billion. 

The highest-grossing game in Android meanwhile was NCSoft’s Lineage M. It earned $691 million in 2019.


Mobile gaming is still rising in popularity. With each passing year, the number of gamers is increasing. And even though there are some minor differences between the Android and iOS platforms, developing a game for either of them can be profitable. The key is to make the right game for the right audience in the right way

To do this, you can get help from a top game development company like us. At Juego Studio, we are a 150+ team who can develop games across both Android and iOS platforms. We use modern technologies like Unity to develop stunning games that both the Android and the iOS audience will love alike.

Whether iPhone Games, Android Games or iPad games, Bangalore based Juego Studio has mastered the art and science behind creating world-class games for all platforms and devices as a mighty player in Android Game Development in the country.

In hand held gaming device category the final verdict is in. Games function more smoothly, without crashes etc. on iOS for the most part. That is why there’s a bigger collection of quality games, backed by decent sales as well as a couple of quality freebies thrown in. As for Android, it has cool advantages too like the ability to pair up with out-of-the-box controllers.

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Juego Studios offers services of designing and developing 2D & 3D games across all game genres, including entertaining casual games like strategy games, puzzles, cards to action-pack adventure games etc. There is also a major segment focused on Android and iOS Multiplayer games. Game on!

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