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By juegoadmin | Game Development | July 22nd, 2021

Great Secrets to Developing an Amazing Role-Playing Game

When you combine a story, characters, logic, and gameplay, RPG(Role-Playing Game) is what you get. RPG(Role-Playing Game) game is a complex yet popular genre in the gaming industry. However, many developers worldwide struggle to develop successful RPG games.

Why? Well, because most of them ignore those simple factors that make an RPG game successful. However, at Juego Studios, the story is different. Developers at our company follow simple yet useful tips to ensure an RPG game development is successful. If you want to know what those tips are, read along.

But let’s first understand what RPG games are.

What Is a Role-Playing Game?

As the name tells, you, as a player, get a role to play in the game. You have to assume that you’re a character in the imaginary world. You develop, control & modify your character and progress. As you progress, the story develops, and you pass through obstacles to win the game.

Here Are Some Examples of RPG(Role-Playing Games)Game: –

  • Zelda
  • Skyrim
  • The Witcher 3.

Top 9 Secrets to Develop an Amazing Role-Playing Game (RPG):

1. Idea, Concept, Storyline & Scope:

Before you start your RPG development, think about the scope and storyline. Ask yourself the following questions: –

  • How far are you willing to go?
  • Is your story interesting enough, or is it boring?
  • Are your characters well-developed?
  • Is the storyline easy to understand for the player?

Once you answer the above questions, you’ll clear off the first step. It’ll help you decide whether or not the game is worth spending time on.

Keep in mind: –

  • The idea has to be unique.
  • The concept has to be implementable.
  • The storyline has to be captivating.
  • The scope should be explicit.

2. Be creative & think out of the box:

RPG gamers usually have high expectations. So, you need to activate your creative nerve here. As the game revolves around a story, it needs to be interesting. You need to add enough surprises to make the game unpredictable.

Make sure there are unique characters, locations, and events. It’ll help you glue the player to your game. When it comes to gameplay, it must be entertaining but easy to follow. After all, you don’t want the gamers to turn away because of complex gameplay.

3. Leave a bit of control in the hands of the player.

You can let the player control & modify its character. Earlier, the modification was limited, but now, you can make that happen. By modifications, we mean the way the character looks or the accessories they carry.

This helps increase the time the player plays your game. The more the player has to do in a game, the more time he will spend. So, make sure to leave some control in the hands of the player.

4. Make use of the latest technology.

Just like what our developers at Juego Studios do, use the latest technologies. Implementing AI in games can intensify the gaming experience. AI can help the players create nonplaying characters or NPC in the game. It’ll help in making the game more immersive and exciting for the user.

5. Give your players a tough villain.

You can add average obstacles or villains in your RPG(Role-Playing Game)development. But when it comes to the boss level, it should be hard. It should make the player feel the urge to try again. However, don’t over intensify the difficulty. After all, you want the player to win at the end of the day. If the Villain is almost impossible to defeat, the player might give up.

6. Sound & Graphics:

You can start working on the sounds by creating a theme track for your game. This track should be a hair-raiser. Not only this. Make sure that the entire sound effects within the game are loud and clear. It’ll help your player feel the sound and not just hear it.

In terms of graphics, you need to work hard. The RPG players expect too much. If your graphics are lousy, not many people will play your games. So, add beautiful graphics elements to your game. Make sure they look real.

7. Add a Unique Touch:

Every successful RPG(Role-Playing Game) development has something unique to offer. So, make sure to add a unique element. After all, what makes your game different from others and worthy of playing? It’s not always the graphics or the sound that makes the game unique.

It can be a unique story, unique characters, unexpected obstacles, etc. If you blend this with good graphics and sound, you can create something unique. However, you can refer to Juego Studios for an impressive RPG game.

8. Keep your Game Subtle:

RPG developers fail because they think making a complex game will help them succeed. Complex features are to be handled at the developer’s end and not at the user’s end. The player should feel it exciting to play the game and not be confused.

You can obviously add a unique element, create a captivating storyline, but you need to keep it subtle. It’s the player who’ll play your game, not you. So, create RPG games keeping in mind your players. Also, keeping it simple will help you save costs.

9. Test it Vigorously:

Let’s say everything falls into place. You have a unique game idea, a great storyline, an excellent scope, and a cool concept. But what if the users still do not like your game. Well, it can happen. So, when you’re almost ready to release your game, test it with live users.

You can ask for volunteers or go for a limited release. It’ll help you understand how the users respond to your game. This way, you can also understand whether or not the concept is easy to grasp.

You can not create a game and call it a day. There’s so much more to do. So, make sure to test your game vigorously.

Bonus Tip: Find an Expert in The Market

If you want a successful RPG(Role-Playing Game) development but lack the resources, contact an expert. No need to research; just contact the Juego Studios. This game development company has a brief history of producing popular games in the RPG genre. Here are some examples of RPG Development: –

Please check the portfolio of Juego Studios here.

If you want a similar or even better RPG game development, contact the Juego Studios now.

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