By Juegostudio | Game Development, Gaming Industry | June 18th, 2015

Have any Interesting Game Storyline in Mind?

Possibilities with advanced mobile games are endless. You can defend your castle from invading zombies, or have a full blown tank war.

Thanks to technological advantages, people can play games at the place they want on a mobile phone or tablet. If you have an interesting storyline in mind, you can get it executed.

More and more companies are trying to tap into mobile game market as they regard it a medium to expand their reach. For instance, there are people who would never put money in a gaming console, yet they would need something to kill time when waiting for their flight, or their friends in a restaurant.

If you intend to develop a game for mobile phones, the story line must not be too complex. The graphics must also be kept light. Mobile game Angry Birds can give you an idea how a mobile game should be (giving example of a single type of game may not be a good idea). The idea is simple, yet the style is unique and it would keep the players engaged.

Before you begin, you need to know what you want to build. Is it a fight game, a side scroller, a puzzle game, or racing game. Take your time to note down ideas, create unique characters, think about different styles and the type of gameplay that will make your game stand out. There is a slew of games out there and if you want to make a game that becomes popular, you need to consider every aspect of it.

For beginners, a 2D game will be the best to start with. For people who are familiar with 3D, it can be extremely difficult. Most will struggle with creating assets, texturing and animating, often getting frustrated before getting into the actual game play aspect.

To succeed, you need to create appealing assets for your games. Working with us at Juego Studios will enable you to focus on marketing while we create your awesome game.

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