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By Juegostudio | Unity Game Development | September 16th, 2020

How to choose the right Unity 3D developer?

With the advent of extensive graphics, heightened network speed, reducing the cost of hi-tech devices, and widespread reach of mobile phones, game design and development are touching new frontiers each day. Unity 3D is the flag bearer for the cause, providing unprecedented features, functions, and gaming experiences to the players around the globe.

Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform engine that supports more than twenty-five design platforms for games, movies, automation, architecture, etc. The Unity3D engine facilitates the creation in 2D(Two-Dimension), 3D(Three-Dimension), VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), etc. Numbers speak that the top mobile games available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are designed using Unity. These games have a wide reach among millions of gamers around the world.

If you’ve spent considerable time browsing in search of the right Unity3D game developer for you, you’ve probably noticed that narrowing down your options is difficult when there are so many players in this arena. Given the benefits of developing a 3D game in Unity, there is no dearth of game development companies across the world that provide this service. However, there are certain attributes that differentiate an average Unity game developer from the great ones. The good news is that we have listed a few key factors that you should keep in mind as you continue your journey into game development, to choose the right developer for you.

Steps to Choose the Right Unity 3D Developer

1. Multi-platform efficiency

The developer’s experience in handling multiple platforms, mobile phones, and computers is necessary to leverage the most powerful feature of developing in Unity, which has excellent cross-platform support. Juego Studios is one such developer that provides A-grade quality Unity games across multiple platforms like Mobile(Android & iOS), Consoles(Xbox One, PS4, & Switch), PC (Windows & Mac OS), Web, AR, and VR.

2. On-Time delivery

Game development in Unity 3D is a time-consuming process, but the fast-paced gaming world is not lenient to it, making the delivery deadlines critical to nail. For Unity3D game development, the company of choice should be able to deliver its deliverables on time to be termed as competent. While looking into the company’s portfolio, don’t forget to dig deep into their ability to meet planned deadlines. The game’s marketing and buzz creation campaign will heavily rely on this aspect, which will reflect on the revenues earned at the end of the day.

3. Game development process

Coding a game in Unity3D accounts for only 20% of the effort, rendering the technical know-how knowledge as crucial but not the only thing to worry about. It is important that a developer understands and implements the game development flow, from requirement gathering and initial statement to its release efficiently.

4. Developer skill-set

Unity3D is a very vast and powerful game development engine. It is very easy for a novice game developer to get lost in the myriad of features Unity3D offers. To help attain your game’s full potential, finding an Unity3D developer who can exploit Unity’s flexibility, functionality, usability, and other features to the full extent is big task. Before choosing a Unity3D developer, you should familiarize yourself with whether their developers have their hands wetted with the special tools and features Unity3D offers. Some of them being –

– Standard tools – Timeline Tools, Collaborative tools, Cinemachine suite, Animation tools, Level design, and world-building tools

– Graphics Rendering – real-time, native graphics APIs, rendering pipelines, color grading, and effects, Particle systems, sky, lighting tools, etc.

– Live-Operation abilities – heat-maps, performance monitoring, game & player analytics

– Plugins – DOTween, Rewired, Master Audio, Odin Inspector, Colorful FX, Post Processing Stack, etc.

– AR & VR and Multiplayer game development experience

5. Let the work speak for itself

While choosing anyone for a creative job the most important aspect is their work portfolio. Most development companies will have their best Unity3D creations and other games on the display. These can serve as a reference point for you to gauge the expertise level of their developers’ quality and specialization.

6. Money matters!

Although the engine is inexpensive to acquire, the Unity3D game development doesn’t come low-priced owing to the amount of work, skill, and dedication that goes into development. At times, you will be tempted to choose a company that offers cheaper rates, but this might simply translate into poor quality services. This will result in exponential losses in the long run. Therefore, adjust your investment accordingly and choose a company based on work quality.

7. Eye on the game

At times, a creative overflow or lure of increasing development cost, motivates a Unity3D game developer to throw away the initially defined target and keep adding more features or functionality. These additional features and functionality may seem inviting at first but will not add much to your game’s success, rather they add to the cost and time burden and ultimately game performance. It is imperative you approach a Unity3D developer that can separate the essentials from non-essentials, and deliver a user-friendly high performing game.

8. Latest Trends

The never-sleeping gaming world doesn’t wait for the developers to be updated with the latest trends and demands. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the Unity 3D developers be in constant touch with the Unity development world and upgrade their skills accordingly.

Other things to keep in mind can be – Quality assurance testing, the Player centric approach of development, Subject specialists like game character designers, Developer’s reputation and name in the market, After deployment support, etc.


Choosing a unity 3D developer can be a daunting task. The above tips can help you sail through the process with ease. Establishing sync between the client and game developers is crucial to the game development process. Juego Studios has an expert team of certified Unity programmers, which have worked for diverse clientele comprising Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs around the world. They offer high-quality Unity mobile game development services for different genres like Action, Sports, Card and Poker, Arcade, Puzzle, Trivia, Casino, Board, Adventure, Shooting, RPG, MMORPG & RTS, MOBA, Strategy, Simulation, etc. in the Single and Multiplayer category. Contact us today for developing an innovative, engaging, and fun experience for your players.

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