HTML5 Game Development in Online Casino Games

By juegoadmin | Casino Gaming Industry | January 25th, 2022

HTML5 Game Development: A Boom for Online Casino Games

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is a mark-up language for the development of web applications to present content over the internet. It’s a new generation tool and is highly in demand for game development. From the time online gambling gained popularity, HTML5 became a necessary tool to integrate for innovative game development like html5 casino games etc.

A Dominant Tool

This latest version of HTML has been used across various platforms. It is a reliable web development tool with easy-to-understand content and vivid graphics. It is widely used now due to its speed optimization. For these reasons and more HTML5 is a dominant tool in developing casino games apps. The evolution of mobile technology has helped people access numerous online casino games. This virtual space for online casino games empowers users to play the games from anywhere and anytime. As we dwell deep, we will understand the various benefits that HTML5 offers in casino games development.

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Below are some of the Benefits of HTML5 for Developing Online Casino Games

● Accessibility

HTML5 casino games are easily accessible and one can play the game from anywhere and from any device. Because of the affordability due to the smallest size of the bet, it is popular among the masses. It stores users’ information in the cache using cache manifest technology. Hence, users can access the game quickly and without any glitches. HTML5 casino games can be played using various web browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, silk, etc.

● Adaptability and Resources

HTML5 is loaded with various libraries and does not lack resources. As we know there is no platform dependency required. It is supported by numerous web browsers. Game development using this new technology diminishes complexities arising during the development. Professional HTML5 game developers are in demand and reputed game development organizations prefer quality services and deliverables.

● Cross-platform

One of the ingenious features and benefits of HTML5 is cross-platform support. That means users can access the games from any browser or platform. Performance and cost-saving are two major areas that developers aim to focus on. Few game engines like Phaser and Cocos2Djs reduce the development cost significantly and there are numerous open-source game engines to enhance the performance.

Games developed using HTML5, like HexGL, CrossCode and Bejeweled, have extremely good response time and gameplay adapts to any screen size, aspect ratio, and resolution. HTML5 uses features such as 2D and or 3D graphics, APIs for Audio and offline storage. Once a code has been written, it can let the game run on multiple devices regardless of the platform.

● Strong Technology Framework

Canvas and WebGL (Web Graphics Library) are two major technologies heavily used by game development companies to create highly advanced HTML5 games for various web browsers. Strong frameworks like Cocos2Djs, Phaser, and PixiJs are wired for a wonderful gaming experience.

● Promotions and Marketing

Being cross-platform, HTML5 has a large set of users who can promote the game by themselves. Developers and advertisers can create smart marketing strategies to promote the game. Since HTML5 developed games are available to anyone using a PC, phone, tablet, or laptop, it’s easy to promote the game.

Why use HTML5?

The main reason to start using HTML5 is that it is the real future. As more elements get integrated, it will provide many more benefits. With cleaner, descriptive and semantic code and very smart storage, HTML5 has cemented its place. If you already develop using XHTML then switching to HTML5 will be a cakewalk. HTML5 is the most adaptable and mobile-ready technology to develop mobile apps and sites. Moreover, mobile technology has taken over the world and it is still growing. Hence more and more people will use mobile browsers to use your app or website. Since HTML5 is there to make things easier, it supports almost all legacy browsers.

Types of Casino Script:

● Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin as we know is a digital currency that can be traded for goods and services. Game developers used the bitcoin wave in 2017 and bitcoin casinos came to the surface. You use Bitcoins in all the known casino games. Now there are numerous cryptocurrency-based gambling platforms. In the absence of commission fees and fraudulent schemes, bitcoin casinos help save a significant amount. It has a fast conversion process to any currency; integration of this payment method reduces the overall project deployment time. If you are a newbie, there are many free cryptocurrency casino templates to refer to. These are scripts that are nothing but certain functional parameters and computer codes that gives you a ready-made solution.

● Live Casino

Live casino is one of its kinds that provide an interactive and convenient platform. Transmissions are steered from actual gambling institutes and fair gameplay is vouched via high-definition images. Each participant can play in the event and interact with other participants and dealers via chat.

● Mobile Casino

Internet technology has empowered users from the remotest places on earth to procure numerous entertainment services. This virtual dimension lets users play casino games at their own convenience and time. By and large, this is famous for its affordability since the cost of the minimum bet is modest.

● VR Casino

With the help of modern VR and AR technologies, developers can design gaming solutions that can virtually take the user from his/her place to well-established casinos or cities? A realistic touch is given through visual and audio effects to imitate actual establishment. This unique experience is sensational and increases the overall interest in the game. Such features make VR casinos attractive.

● White Label Casinos

If you want to run the business from scratch and want to save time and finances, white-label casinos can be of great help. This unique yet extremely quick way to launch a new project is very popular among start-ups. As a newcomer, you need to associate with a parent company that can provide you with the gaming content, instruments, and tools for the marketing, development, and library.

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