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By juegoadmin | HTML5 Game Development | March 16th, 2021

Things You Didn’t Know About HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 has been there for quite a while. It is one of the most popular and favorite technologies used by game developers across the world. And why shouldn’t it be? HTML5 has everything a game developer needs, from offline asset storage, 2D & 3D graphics to audio APIs and support for all browsers.

If you’re here to know some amazing things about HTML5, read in full. Here, you’ll find some cool benefits which have made HTML5 so popular.

What is HTML5?

Before moving forward, let’s discuss what HTML5 is. HTML5 is something more than just a markup language. It’s a technology using which you can create a cross-platform and cross-browser game. Famous games such as Sketchout, HexGL, Treasure Arena, and CrossCode were created using HTML5. With so many features at hand, HTML5 game development is becoming popular each day.

Amazing Facts About HTML5 Game Development:

This section has some facts or benefits which you might not know. These factors are the reason why HTML5 game development is in demand. Here is why people go for HTML5 game development: –

1. HTML5 Game Development Offers Cross-Platform Support:

Cross-platform support is a prime reason why developers prefer HTML5. You can create games that adapt to various requirements, such as aspect ratios, screen size, resolutions, etc. HTML5 games not only run on different platforms like iOS, Android, or windows but also run in browsers. Google Chrome, Opera mobile, Safari, Blackberry browser being some examples.

It means you can open a browser in your android mobile or iPhone and enjoy the same game via browser. In short, HTML5 offers the ability to create cross-browser and cross-platform games. It means you’ll have to code once and can deploy the game anywhere.

It’ll not only save you effort but lots of money as well. It’s because you won’t have to create different games for different platforms.

2. HTML5 Game Development Makes Promotion Easy:

HTML5 game development targets a wider audience. It’s because browsers of different operating systems support the games developed using HTML5. So, whenever a developer creates a game, he can promote all the features through a simple website once and for all.

Even sharing HTML5 games is an easy job. You can share a link to a website where gamers visit quite frequently, and it’s done. There are numerous websites dedicated specifically to HTML5 games. You can visit or to view and play some HTML5 games.

3. HTML5 Game Development Uses WebGL & Canvas:

Both WebGL and Canvas are core technologies used in HTML5 for creating complex games suited for browsers. With Canvas, game developers can draw shapes and convert them into 3D images. Such images can be directly added to the library, ready for use.

WebGL or Web Graphics Library makes the game developers independent of plugins. It uses WebGL, and developers can easily implement both 2D and 3D content in web browsers. As a game developer, you can combine the use of Canvas and WebGL for creating web games with high graphic settings.

In a nutshell, WebGL and Canvas can help enhance the gaming experience.

4. HTML5 Game Development Can Handle Emerging Markets:

By emerging markets, we mean countries or people who are still developing. As a consequence of their development, technology will become more common. There will be more operating systems, more gadgets, and more demand.

And creating different games for different gadgets sounds rather scary. But with HTML5 game development, it’ll be easy. It offers code reusability, which helps the developers in deploying their games on different platforms.

5. HTML5 Game Development has Amazing Frameworks and Game Engines

Do you know what a game engine is? Well, A game engine is a game framework or software development environment used to create games. Game engines are one of the reasons why Game developers love HTML5 game development.

HTML5 game engines take up some tedious jobs and make the game development process quite easy. This way, developers need to spend less time creating a fully functional HTML5 game. The game engines and frameworks take care of: –

  • Audio
  • Physics
  • Maps
  • Animations
  • And more

And, all the above is necessary for creating emulators, puzzles, shooting, or poker games.

If you’re looking forward to creating HTML5 games, consider the below game engines: –


Phaser is a game engine using which you can create a game and compile it to various platforms. Phaser is a cross-platform game engine that supports a wide range of plugins and thus makes HTML5 game development easy. Submarine Dash, Elf Runner, and Bayou Island are some of the popular games created using Phaser.

Play Canvas WebGL Game Engine:

PlayCanvas game engine uses WebGL and HTML5 for running 3D content, including games, in desktop or mobile browsers. It’s an open-source game engine, so anyone can add to its features.

If you want to develop or craft 3D games using WebGL and HTML5 Canvas, PlayCanvas is a sure thing to have. It’s very powerful, optimized for mobiles, and helps in faster game development. Robostorm, Master Archer, Blast Arena, and Swoop are some of the games created using PlayCanvas.

Want to Build HTML5 Games?

If so, Juego Studios is your go-to place for game development. Game developers from our company specialize in HTML5 game development. We always use top-notch technologies and tools to make sure that we add value. 


Game development possibilities are countless when it comes to the HTML5 platform. The above features and innovative additions in accordance with changing times will make it more future-ready.

If you want to create HTML5 games or want to monetize them, contact Juego Studios. Our game developers very well know the importance of HTML game development. We have the exposure, experience, and skills you need. Here are some HTML5 games developed by our world-class developers: –

Our developers have helped various clients build and monetize amazing HTML5 games. You can check our HTML5 game development portfolio here. We can help you create custom-made games not only using HTML5 but with other techniques as well. If you’re looking for something similar, connect with Juego Studios now.

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