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By juegoadmin | Game Development | January 21st, 2021

HTML5 Gaming: Future of Online Gaming

The birth of Adobe Flash saw the amplification of web games. The Flash era saw some real fun 2D games. Flash was the commanding platform for multimedia content online. But over time, we witnessed the steady decline of flash. Apple Safari and Chrome switched from Flash and HTML5 took over. 

The synergy derived by associating HTML5 with other frameworks grew in popularity. From December 31, 2020, HTML5 will replace Flash as the standard markup language for creating new online games.

Future of online games will be dictated by HTML5 for following reasons:  

HTML5 & Its Utilities: 

A markup language used to present and structure content on the world wide web is called HTML5. Released initially in 2008, HTML5 had many utilities. It refined the markup language. It supports the latest multimedia features and other interesting new additions as well. Its language could be understood routinely by computers and other devices like parsers and web browsers etc. These features will further enable HTML5 to scale up choices related to online gaming in the future as well. 

Classic HTML5 Games: 

Ninja Action, an arcade game, and Guns & Bottles a shooting game are examples of some classic games created via HTML5. Cricket World Cup which allowed a player to create a team and Guns and Bottles too were some first-rate HTML5 games. 


Detailed processing models are included in HTML5 to promote the growth of implementations that are interoperable. It introduces APIs or Application Programming Interfaces and markup for complex web applications. It even includes characteristics designed with low powered devices in mind. The above reasons make HTML5 the ideal candidate for online gaming with cross platform capabilities in the future.  

Timely Additions: 

Some new attributes were inaugurated as additions in HTML5. These changes increased the utility of HTML5. It is capable of including and handling graphic content and multimedia natively. HTML5 supports scalable vector graphics or SVG content. There is the inclusion of numerous syntactic features. Such timely additions of features will improve the longevity of HTML5 in the future online gaming scene. 

Same Version; Many Platforms: 

Games created via the HTML5 platform are compatible with playing across various devices without needing to create a separate version each time for different environments. This is possible because the standard that works for all browsers irrespective of the operating system today is HTML5. 

Complex Game Creation: 

New games created through HTML5 have increased in their intricacy in gameplay. HexGL is a high paced, futuristic racing game built with HTML5. The performance of the game is impressive; the graphics quality is top-notch. The fast pace is an added attraction.  

Chrome World Wide Maze is a game that converts into a 3D maze. Contre Jour, a beautiful as well as interesting puzzle game, is accessible on web browsers, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Android, and Symbian as well. With additions such as WebGL, future online games which are complex too can be created using HTML5. 

Some Best HTML5 Game Engines : 

Dedicated game frameworks and game engines have been created in order to make 2D and 3D games based on the HTML5 platform. This expected to happen in the future as well. 

  1. Three.JS is a JavaScript platform. It exposes an API that can be used in a web browser to create and display 3D animated computer graphics. Interland is a game created on the Three.JS platform. 
  2. Pixi JS is a JavaScript library for 2D graphics enabling developers to create graphics that are interactive in HTML5. Mystera Legacy, We Become What We Behold, Losing Control, etc are some HTML5 games created with PixiJS. there are certain HTML5 game development tools that are great help to make a game. One can easily develop simple as well as complex games for iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox using these platforms today. Such dedicated game development platforms, based on HTML5, will grow in the future dishing out online games with enhanced gameplay. 

Crossing the Native App Barrier: 

Installed via an app store like Google Play or App Store of Apple, Native apps are developed particularly for a single platform. It can take complete advantage of all the features in the device. Companies like Apple and Google prefer native apps in place of HTML5 powered ones. But, HTML5 is catching up with the performance abilities of native apps today.  

Powered by WebGL: 

It is a myth that HTML5 is incapable of supporting high end video gaming. With the arrival of WebGL fueled HTML5, it will change in the future. WebGL is a standard that is new in HTML5. It enables games to attain hardware acceleration. This is similar to native games. This novel tweaking has increased HTML5’s capability to launch online web games with superior graphics unseen before.  

As HTML5 becomes more mature and accepted widely, the APIs of native apps will become widely available within the HTML5 realm too. 3D graphics, Hardware acceleration, offline play, etc. are available today and will expand further in the future online gaming scene for HTML5 platforms. 

HTML5 based Cloud gaming? 

Streaming games online is a different ball game when compared to music and video streaming. Gameplay buffering is a nono. The player influences the video feed each millisecond. All videos have to be rendered real time. This could lead to latency bothering the gameplay adversely. A software client who is platform dependent needs to be installed leading to poor conversion. 

Unlike cloud gaming enabled by pixel streaming, HTML5 based on WebGL improvements is less expensive to work with. Usage of local computing capabilities, less or no downloads, less server muscle, efficient delivery even through standard internet connections, and playability in popular browsers can make HTML5 an attractive choice for cloud based gaming online in the future. 

Game Publication & Social Media: 

Since the HTML5 enabled browser runs directly on various devices no separate client software installation is needed. This will enable the publication of games on every website freely, possibilities of social media interactions are higher.  

Growth of HTML5 based OS: 

There has been a growth of solid HTML5/Web OS/Operating System platforms, such as Chrome OS, Tizen, and Firefox OS on the internet environment. The acceptance of these platforms will result in a portfolio of games on HTML5. This portfolio can be leveraged by online portals as well as on-demand player portals with browser interfaces that already exist for their customers. 


These features will truly make HTML5 a contender when it comes to the future of online gaming. Backed by expert designers, comprehensive testing, and intense research, Juego Studios, one of the finest game development company have developed HTML5 games like Synchrony, Bubble Shooter, and Crazy Cannon. Turn your HTML5 game idea into reality with Juego Studios: the seasoned professionals! 

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