Key features of Indoor mapping

By Juegostudio | Gaming Industry | January 31st, 2020

Key Features of Indoor Mapping Solutions

Indoor routing with web and mobile apps constitutes the help of google maps or iOS maps that directs one to specific positions, people or itineraries. The content displayed and utilized by the user is generated by popular and generic systems that may wholly benefit the user’s agenda but are accompanied with a set of limitations such as its decline of access in an indoor facility. Why so? This is simply because, known apps such as google and apple maps have been methodically structured to wire optimally on external spaces, the data it mobilizes can be divided as static(roads, Poi’s) and dynamic(traffic, moving vehicles, tension). Hence, we branch out and we use focused apps for individual performances such as driving, indoor navigation, outdoor uses etc. With apps designed for specific ideal functioning, it boils down to the unfortunate fact that there is no app adapted to suit navigation and detection in all environments.

Mapping and positioning: What’s the difference?

The two terms overlap in being defined since applications work on them in unison. Yet, what many fail to retrieve is that mapping brands deploy separate teams for these two features and the two technologies are balanced differently by different experts. In the case of indoor mapping, there is an interaction and merging of various technologies amongst which the two above are independently operating. An indoor map and position must be capable of inter functioning without mimicking each other’s indoor roles.

User expectations:

Features on google maps that provide a smooth user interface disintegrated any lower standards and currently user expectations dwell around the following features:

  • Convenient interface
  •  A co-operative interface between indoor and outdoor mapping routes
  •  Data must not be limited to static picture display
  •  Multi channel abilities (through multiple devices)

The Big Four:

An indoor maps needs must not solely function to suffice the desires of a specific group, considering the broad bandwidth of users adopting them, there are four key features that suit those who are more acquainted with the building design such as a manager

  • User friendly back office – Managers must be equipped with the ability to alter any plans or actions by themselves without external interferences.
  • It’s responsiveness to multiple angular views fitted for various members concerned with the building plan
  •  A smooth security management system
  • Quick sharing options of mapping systems with third parties along with accurate analytics of platform displays.

Content on various platforms that hold important meetings, discussions and events that specifically require a guide on the navigation tab is being refined and upgraded as the years fly. Indoor map data and building features are constantly exposed to manipulations and restructuring and synchronization with the involved applications are mandatory.

Gaming systems are scaled on its graphic, interface, popularity and responsiveness on multiple devices. The casting shadow under which all these aspects are rated is the total under experience and interface. A well reputed game is one that leads users along its challenging pits and falls while interacting adequately through every move and shift. The following reasons associate well with the requirement of establishing a solid collaborative user interface and an overall satisfactory user experience

Impressive visuals – Video gaming and aesthetic visual experience are connected on a level beyond basic video compatibility and the visual euphoria enhances total user experience

Usability – Gaming devices and strategies that come with easy utility and convenient accessibility can retain relatively more users since it simplifies the journey and improves efficiency.

Hardware adaptability – Beginners that are new to video gaming can familiarize with reliable hardware devices through a methodically designed UI/UX .

User satisfaction – Games that play without interruptions due to the lack of responsiveness and that communicates the main aim of serving users with consistently functional and quality operative techniques are rated higher and are fared better amongst every customer

Comfort  with newer technologies – The growth of recent and rising technologies and tools require users to practice and become responsive gradually to newer tools and vaster advancements. Games that have well maintained and pleasing visual features can make the entire process of using and mastering newer technologies for users a faster task.

The merging of UI and UX retains more audiences without second thought. Stringing in more customers with the help of this joint effort is sequentially completed by portraying the addictive elements of the game thereby improving the quality and value of  it.

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