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By juegoadmin | Game Development | January 21st, 2021

Lengthening video game lifecycle via Game monetization

Be it a YouTube channel or a video game; monetization is something you cannot ignore. It may be relatively easy in the case of a YouTube channel but is hard in a video game. Until the player is addicted to your game, you cannot monetize it, let alone make enough money.

Game Monetization: The How to Part

If you want to monetize your video game, this blog is meant for you. If you want to be informed about how you can naturally prolong a video game lifecycle and monetize the same, read on.

Steps of Video Game Lifecycle and Monetization

1. Check for a response from limited users:

A limited launch is the best way to check whether your game will entertain the user or not. You need to make sure that the users are interested in playing the maximum levels your game has. It’s because only a handful of players crosses or play over a hundred levels if your game has that many levels.

Once you release it for a limited target group, you can check the progress through data analytics. This way, you can find any major problems and fix them before a full-fledged launch.

2. Maintain your game well:

When you’re finally ready to make the game available to a wider audience, analyze ongoing player progress. You must also introduce new improvements. Only these tweaks will help you keep the game alive.

Here are some points which can help you sustain your game: –

  • Player Psychology:

The game developer can understand the behavior of the players and use these actions in his favor. If you understand your player’s psychology and make him spend more time in your game, you can easily compel him to opt for more in-app purchases.

Consider the famous PUBG mobile. The developers exactly know what features will glue the user to their game. If you want something similar and want to monetize your game, connect with game the monetization experts at Juego Studios now!

  • Drawing from Real Life:

Casinos don’t have windows or clocks inside. There’s a reason behind that. And that is to make their customer lose track of time and surroundings and spend more. The exit is always hard to find, which keeps the customers inside the casinos.

Likewise, you can find what keeps people glued to a game and earn more.

  • 3. Gamers Community:

If your game has numerous players, you must create a gamers community. Such places are quite perfect for gamers to share achievements. This motivates other users and makes the winners feel proud.

Also, a community can be a great place where you can talk about recent improvements or upgrades. This will always keep the players in the loop and inform them of necessary updates.

  • Keep Important Features:

You must understand what features or functionalities are necessary and what a player demands. This is only possible if you track your user’s info regularly. You can check which features the user uses the most and which are less frequently used.

This way, you can keep what is necessary or important and remove the unimportant things. Also, based on what the user needs, you can always add in extra perks or functionalities.

  • Push Notifications:

This system can act more as a follow-up mail. You can send your players a few notifications every week to remind them of your game. This will help bring users back to your game.

If your game is a city-building game like Tropico 6 or candy crush, these push notifications can be quite helpful. You can notify the users of the progress and about the things which are happening. This is going to intrigue the user and return to your game.

  • Find the Users Who Spend More:

The common rule says that 20 percent of the customers bring 80 percent of revenue. So, you need to find the players falling in the 20 percent category who buy or make lots of in-App purchases.

You can analyze the average revenue per user and check where they spend the most money. For example, if it’s the additional bombs they buy during a boss fight; you can weaken the boss and add more interesting bombs. This will most certainly help you increase the purchases.

  • Game Support Center:

The players must never feel that the game was built and left alone. Any genuine request, complaint, or bug reported by a user should be your top priority. If you address your player’s problems well, your players are going to love your game.

  • Retention Analysis:

You must perform retention analysis every two days, one week, and thirty days. This will help you know how many returning users you have. Although the retention rate is different for different genres and regions, 40-20-10% is considered pretty good.

Also, a better retention rate is a good indicator. It tells how well the users love playing your game.

  • Level Drop-Off:

This factor significantly affects your game’s monetization. Sometimes, levels become too difficult for players to pass. And due to this, the users quit playing the game altogether. So, you should focus on making those levels pretty easier and attractive. Also, there should be a tutorial in the beginning that will help users understand the game better.

3. Introduce Regular Updates:

Many Game development companies clinched the success of the product by releasing updates. Regular updates within a game motivate the user to play more. There are mainly two types of updates:

❖ General updates.

❖ And Regular updates.

General updates are less frequent updates that bring in serious modifications or improvements within the game. Popular games like Angry Birds, Garena Free Fire: BOOYAH Day, and PUBG Mobile offer updates to introduce new features within the game. The video game life-cycle majorly depends on general updates with thrilling features, every game needs to hold its user’s attention and glue them to the product.

This keeps the user engaged and makes him curious about new additions.

Regular updates are more common. It can be monthly or even weekly. Such updates include small and basic improvements.

The frequency of such updates increases according to the number of users that play this game.

In A Nutshell:

Prolonging a video game’s life cycle is a good way to monetize your game. You should keep in mind the above factors. In a nutshell, it’s all about how interesting your game is and how glued the players are.

If you have a better retention rate, good support, and smart gameplay, you can earn more. Just make sure that the player is addicted to your game.


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