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By Juegostudio | Game Development | July 9th, 2020

Mobile Arcade Games: Rebirth of The Lost Gaming World

The nostalgia of 90’s gaming is reminiscent of the arcades inventing the whole idea of fun and entertainment. Even with the latest innovations and the union of AR/VR into the gaming industry, the void of arcade games mobile was tragic. The video games were missed so much that the resurrection of Mobile Arcade Games was considered as a wild concept, till it was made available. So, how did it happen? What made the gaming industry look back to the games of the coin-operated machine resulting in the rebirth of Mobile Arcade Games?

The Introduction of The Arcade Games

Most will remember the retro gaming period that built gaming communities across the globe. The cult favorites were the ones that grabbed most of the attention and it all started with coin-operated pinball machines. The subject of the popularity of arcade machines was deeply associated with the introduction of video games. The greatest period for Arcade Video Games was around the late 1970s to the mid-1980s. The first Arcade Game was built in 1971, by a Standford University Student known as Spacewar. It is said to be inspired by the previously coin-operated version, Galaxy Game.

Though after the celebration of these games for almost two decades, the grandeur of Arcade Games started declining by the late 1990s. The predominant acceptance that was received to home gaming consoles took away the prominence that arcade games were known for. Later in the 2000s, the rise in the attraction of networking games via computers and the internet made this join to the history of gaming and entertainment. The revenues for Arcade Games made a startling drop over the years in the United States, from US$1.33 billion in 1999 to around $866 million in 2004.

The Best of Mobile Arcade Games

Here are some of the best mobile arcade games that ruled the arena at that time.

  • Donkey Kong– The Nintendo’s Donkey Kong launched in 1981 as a classic coin-operated arcade game and soon was hailed to greater heights with its amazing gameplay spread across four different screens. The revenue collected by this game was a whopping $280,000,000.
  • Asteroids– Published by Atari in 1979, this game was soon regarded as favorites for players who have a thing for shooting games. Having undeniable similarities with Space Wars, this game was a huge hit. As of 1991, the game collected a revenue of $800,000,000.
  • Defender– A standard shooting game, developed by William electronics in 1981. The search and rescue gameplay was what was applauded and loved. With the colorful and high-energy experience, it stands as one of the best. The total revenue accumulated by this game as of 1993 was $1,000,000,000.
  • Ms. Pac-Man– The General Computer Corporation provided a legendary game in 1981, known as Ms. Pac-Man. This maze game made legacies across for being the most popular non-violent arcade game and gained a revenue of $1,200,000,000 by 1987.

Other than revenue, these games had gained tremendous popularity among the gaming community and are still loved by its admirers.

The Comeback

The Mobile Arcade Games have made a comeback and with a bang! When the most suitable option available to the industry is to find creativity and innovation in games and hold the hand of technology, why is it investing in reinventing the old and the beautiful?

Mobile Arcade Games are making a comeback through mobiles and people are excited to experience the combination of old and the new. Not just nostalgia but there are a number of reasons for its comeback. The simple graphics and low-key gameplay are some of the primary reasons for its popularity that are prevalent even today and not just among the older generation but the games also appeal to the GenZ. So, let’s take a look at the best Arcade Games for Mobiles.

The Best Arcade Games for Mobiles

1. Subway Surfer

There is literally no alternative to this game. It is fun, exciting and all the things that you would experience if playing at an arcade. Developed and published by Kiloo and  SYBO Games on 24th May 2012, this game became an instant favorite for players of all age groups. The features that attract people to play is its amazing graphics and resolution, simple but exciting gameplay, etc.

2. Angry Birds Classic

The casual puzzle game became a new fad back in 2009 upon its launch. Developed by Rovio Entertainment, this game is known for its graphics and animation. With 640 challenging levels and offline mode, this game is highly entertaining. Boost birds and challenge your opponents in Mighty Leagues, we all have surely played this game at least for once.

3. Sonic Dash

Developed by Hardlight and published by Sega, this game was released on 7th March 2013. It is an endless runner and platformer video game that has both single player and multiplayer modes. The highlights of this game are stunning 3D environments and the amazing boss battle programs. Make it through the challenging obstacles to move further ahead in the game.

4. Teeter Pro

An additive maze game by Thesurix is a labyrinth game that would require you to control a steel ball by tilting the wooden labyrinth. Much like a platform, this needs precision. Its 120 exciting levels and customizable time set options are highly liked. A pro tip would be to play this game with the background audio for an amazing soundtrack.

5. Fruit Ninja

Another popular mobile arcade game by Halfbrick studios released on 21st April 2010. A single and multiplayer video game also provides three different classic modes with optimized speed and quality. An amazing leisure game that is fun and makes you hungry.

These mobile arcade games have maintained the legacy of providing a simple and fun time for players and parallelly offers the best graphics and animation. The successor to coin-operated machine games, give you the same feels and they are all free to download.

There is no alternative to the classics, but Juego Studios promises all that is ready to be found in the arcade game section. The best game development company, and provides end-to-end game development experience. Glance through the Mobile Game Development process and how to make a mobile game app to know more.        

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