By Juegostudio | Mobile Game Development | April 21st, 2014

Mobile Game Development – The Future Is Here

In the last couple of years, mobile game development has emerged to be a thriving industry. An amalgamation of burgeoning technologies, innovation and creativity produces some amazing new-generation games that offer an improved gaming experience. In compare to desktop games or console games, mobile games are showing greater promises to stride a long way. Therefore, it won’t be really wrong to say that the future of the gaming industry shines brightly in the mobile games development sector.

Many new ways and possibilities are being discovered in the present days that have paved the way for a futuristic mobile game development industry.

3D Real World Scenario Mobile Games:

3D real world scenario has taken mobile game development to a whole new level. The most luring fact about this gaming platform is that it provides real world scenario of the games that you play on your mobiles. This development process actually goes beyond the limitations of resources and produces some real world 3D games.  

Interactive Server Games:

Online games just got better with the introduction of interactive server game development process. Connected with a central server via GPRS connection, all interactive server games run on it.  The mobile game development companies nowadays are embracing in all these ongoing gaming trends for the ardent game lovers who tend to spend more time playing games online.

Mobile Games Used For Promoting Movies:

Promotion of movies through games is a marvellous idea in the modern days. Many movie makers are turning their interest in making a mobile game version of their upcoming movies. When promotion of a movie is concerned, video games are one of the major elements behind the success story of some smashing hits like Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider that were both made in films and games as well. Producers aim to launch the games before or after the release of the movies ensuring massive success for both the movies and the games.

Mobile Games Used For Advertisement:

Even the advertising industry has rapidly encountered its future in mobile games. When games are proven to keep users hooked in, the product based enterprises have embraced this medium to advertise their newly launched products. When the characters in a particular game are seen using a certain product be it a pen, health drink or Smartphone, it makes an impression in the minds of the users in a way to persuade them to buy that stuff.

Racing with the top brand cars is a most apparent example of advertising through mobile games for those who are obsessed with racing games.  

Enormous Multiplayer Mobile Game Development:

The past of mobile game development had seen games that were played by a single player on a single platform. The present and future of mobile game development is to play games online on a global multiplayer system and platform with multiple players across the globe. The advancement is blatantly visible. This massive multiplayer advancement has come to pass from PC to mobile games and is growing in popularity with the changing course of time.

New opportunities are knocking on the doors of indie developers. App Store for iOS has opened the gateway of some cracking gaming apps that were out of reach to many users even some years back. The emergence of these new opportunities for developers is bringing in several modes of revenue sharing in order to secure a vivid future of the mobile game development industry.

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