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Oculus’ and Samsung’s Gear VR Coming in December

Samsung’s mobile Virtual Reality device is scheduled to release early next month.

Samsung’s Gear VR, a virtual reality device which uses software made by Oculus, will release next month, Oculus VR has announced on its website.

The Gear VR Innovator Edition for the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone is available for pre-registration from Samsung, and is slated for delivery in the United States early next month. It will come in two versions: for $249, you’ll get the headset bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad, and for $199, you’ll get only the headset.

“The Innovator Edition, much like the Oculus Rift Development Kit, provides developers and enthusiasts everything they need to build and experiment with the platform before the hardware and software are ready for consumers,” Oculus said. “There are numerous made-for-VR apps that will ship for Gear Virtual Reality over the next few months.”

Gear VR stands out for its use of the Galaxy Note 4. The enlarged smartphone slots into the headset’s micro-USB dock and acts as the screen.

Paired with the headset’s adjustable lenses, the Galaxy Note 4’s accelerometer and gyrometer are used to track head movement, thus creating a virtual reality impression.

Source: GameSpot
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